5 Reasons Why Increase Web Traffic Is Useless

increase web trafficTo increase web traffic, is on the top priority list of most online marketers. After all traffic = money. The more traffic your web site is receiving means the more successful your online business is wrong. This is a myth.

The statement will turn quite a few heads with [tag-tec]internet marketers[/tag-tec]. After all, who the hell would disagree that traffic does not equal success?

Well read the following 5 reasons and then think about the statement again. You may run your online business differently.

Increase Web Traffic Is Useless

1. You have created your website and blog and are now concentrating on generating targeted traffic to it. Have you made sure that you have enough information on your site to make the visitor stick around and return looking for more information?

If not then your [tag-tec]increased web traffic[/tag-tec] is wasted.

2. You have created enough information for the visitors to stay around and find your site interesting. Have you got any social proof that you can be trusted? Do you have testimonials? Do you sound like an authority on your niche?

If not then your targeted traffic is wasted. No one will buy from you. They are just browsing. Maybe click on a few ads.

3. Do you have a leading product that you are giving away to build a list? An email list is crucial to make money online with your web site. With emails, you can ask the visitor to visit your site again and to recommend products.

If you don’t have an email capturing process implemented, why begin to increase web traffic?

4. Are you giving your visitors a chance to buy from your web site with the content they are reading? Are you recommending a particular product that they should be interested in?

You should concentrate on selling one product only on your site which will build a customer list for you. Always keep in mind the purpose of sending targeted visitors to your web site.

5. And finally, do you have a business model of how you will profit from the prospects visiting your web site. For example, are you selling a value for money product for a great discount, while you are making money from your backend sales?

Backend sales are products that your buyers will purchase that will give you the most profit. The lead selling product is to get them on your buyers’ list and to gain their trust.

There should be many opportunities for your buyers to buy more from you. This process should be implemented before you can concentrate on increasing targeted web traffic.

So When Does Increased Web Traffic Start?

You should start concentrating on generating as much web traffic as you possibly can, after the above 5 are implemented. At the beginning you can start using Adwords or other pay per clicks to generate traffic to test your sales process.

Once your sales process is refined and implemented, increase web traffic is no longer useless. It becomes the oxygen of the heart of your business.

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  1. Hi Alvin,

    Very interesting outlook on the need to increase web traffic as well as things that *must* be done before your web traffic is increased to your site.

    At first, I thought you were saying that it was *completely* useless, which is why I read the rest of the post.

    But, then I see now, that you mean that while increasing your web site traffic
    is necessary, there are things that need to be done first before
    driving traffic to your site.

    I’d like to invite you to come and comment at the
    online-traffic lens at squidoo if you’d like.


    Be sure to leave a link back to your blog here as I believe our community
    would enjoy it.




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