Backlink Building Service – Should You Use One?

backlink building serviceBacklink building service or backlink building software are hugely popular for several reasons:

– increase ranking of your main website in the search engine listings which means more traffic

– easy, set and forget system which requires minimum work

– can generate traffic directly from the backlinks

Who can refuse paying for a backlink building service, watching other people do the hard work and watch your website shoot up the rankings?

But the point is…your backlink building service can eliminate your website from the search engines quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Let me explain…

Backlink Building Service – Pleasing Google

pleasing googleLet’s not make things complicated. The reason people purchase a backlink building service is because Google which generates the majority of search engine traffic, highly favors websites that have many one-way backlinks.

So if you want to rank higher than your competition, you will need to have more backlinks (in general) than them. A backlink building service can provide you with that or you can do it manually.

This is straight forward enough but if your competitors have tens of thousands of backlinks it’s going to take you years to build backlinks manually to compete with them.

Now here’s where a backlink building service can come to your rescue.

Just pay for a service to generate thousands of backlinks per month and you’ll catch up with your competitors in no time. No work required from you either 🙂

This is the magic bullet which everyone is looking for. But is it that easy?

Understanding Google and Building Backbinks

If it was as simple as that, then every Tom, Dick and Harry should purchase a backlink building software or pay for a backlink building service to see their website rocket up the search engine listings.

Sorry, but that’s not how the game is played. Google is the mother of all search engines because they focus on the users’ experience.

Their aim is to make all search engine listings relevant to the terms that are being searched for.

Heck, Google even bans Adwords accounts that spend thousands of dollars each month who don’t offer users a good experience with their ads! This is why finding squeeze pages on Adwords nowadays is rare.

So why should Google rank your website high in the search engine listings just because you have more backlinks than the rest of the websites?

Google’s Punishment?

backlink punishmentIf you try to manipulate your rankings on Google, you may have to pay the price!

This translates into…Google will ban your website from its search engine listings if they suspect you of using a backlink building service for your website.

This is one of the main reasons why so many website owners have been saying that backlink building software are scams and don’t work. Their websites are removed from the search engine listings after using the backlink building service.

This is especially the case if your website is newly registered.

The Solution

Fortunately there is a solution.

If you want to use backlink building services to increase your search engine rankings then don’t use them on your main website. Instead send them to third party sites which you own.

Examples include Squidoo lens, blog hosted at Blogger, HubPage, YouTube channel etc…

Do you see how sending one-way links to these well established websites is safe? Google is not going to ban Squidoo from the search engine listings because you sent a whole lot of links to a lens.

The cool thing is that by building backlinks to your Squidoo lens and then linking your Squidoo lens to your main website, the latter will get receive a powerful backlink.

This is why I always tell my students that using a backlink building service is alright provided that you don’t send the links directly to your main website.

Backlink Building Service Summary

However, the third party website which you’re developing still needs to provide good, original content. Building backlinks to crap content to try and make it rank high is like tricking the search engines. Not good and can get you de-listed.

Please allow me to repeat myself because this is important.

The quality of the content which you’re trying to rank for should be excellent and relevant. The backlink building service is a way to allow the search engines to notice your content and tell them that it’s worthy to be on the first page of the listings.

Quality always comes first.

When Google did its Panda update, a lot of article directories suffered. Worthless content got penalized and some article directories quickly changed their terms so that worthless content submitted to their directories could be eliminated or kept to a minimum.

This tells you that the end goal of the search engines is to deliver relevant, high quality content for users. If you do manage to rank low-value content high on the search engines, it is only time till the next search engine update that all your traffic will be wiped out.

Play safe and don’t be short-sighted.

If you’ve used any backlink building service or software and have gotten good results from it, let us know in the comments below.


  1. If you want to use a linkbuilding service, you should make sure that the people you hire are professionals and not newbies. It is important that you consider their experience when it comes to linkbuilding. You just can’t let a single person send punishments on your sites.

  2. Hi! There is a saying that everyone learns from their own mistakes, but smart people learn from the mistakes of others – I’d like to consider myself as a smart person and since I’ve read so many times that backlinks should be carefully placed, that search engines reward naturally placed links over thousands of them placed on the same day, I decided not to use backlinking services but do it all myself. It has provided good results so far, and I really wouldn’t like to get penalized for being greedy and trying to do all my SEO with one move. I like the service you recommend in this article, but I’m not sure I want to give this responsibility out of my hands. Thank you for being open and truthful about this issue, and helping us get closer to success!
    Best regards,

  3. I believe in link building cause it really works for my business. But I am against a process of buying backlinks from websites that are not relevant to particular sphere. Some people still don’t really realize how serious this is and that they can be hit by Google.

    • This is why I emphasize a lot that one should be extra, extra careful when buying backlinks to improve a website. Search engines are getting smarter every day.

  4. Great idea…I use a directory backlinking service for some sites however it’s done manually and the links are submitted over several weeks.

  5. Hello Alan,
    Google is placing a greater emphasis on quality content because it’s beginning to get stiff competition from other search engines. This is making the whole search experience better. While you use backlinking tools, you should be ready to give people quality content or you could be losing both ways.

    Emmanuel Olonade

    • Agree Emmanuel.

      If you produce quality content now, there’s nothing to be afraid of in the future when the search engines do another update to their algorithm.

  6. Thanks Alan:) I’m always interesting in learning more about SEO/backlinking etc. I’ve never used a backlinking service before but when Fiverr first kicked in I did experiment and spent $5 on a backlinking experiment… dont’ think it worked though lol

    I try and get most of my backlinks from guest posting and commenting on people’s blogs. I’m finding Google is constantly changing their algorithims and it’s so much harder now to rely 100% on Google traffic – thank goodness for social media:)

    • Hi Lilach,

      You’re doing the right thing. Guest blogging is an excellent method. It brings a rush of traffic right away and the backlink is a strong, natural one!

  7. I’m much thankful to you for this descriptive post, because I had some questions before about backlinks. As far as I know then they are quite useful and efficacious

    • Glad it has helped you Melissa 🙂

  8. Hi Alan,
    Very interesting. I used a backlinking service years ago when I was doing niche marketing. I can see your point though about using it for 3rd party sites as long as the content is quality. I can see where it would create a potential high PR that would link back to your main blog giving it relevance.

    I am sure you would not want to use too many 3rd party sites which all lead back to the same .com or else it would be apparent as to what is happening and could get axed for it.

    nice share thanks,

    • Hi Joe,

      You’re right. You need to vary your backlinks. But if you’re producing content, then naturally other websites will also link to you.

      Using software or services is just to strengthen the backlinks even more.

  9. Hi Alan,

    Before your post, I had never heard of backlink building services or software. It makes sense, if used correctly, as you instructed. Unfortunately I do not have any services or software to share with you. I am hoping your others readers will share.

    Thanks for this post. I always find your posts to be very informative.

    • Hi Jamella,

      You can search for backlink building services in There’s a ton of them.

      Best of luck!

  10. Hi Alan,

    Interestingly, I just found myself starting to really delve into Backlinking services and I definitely appreciate this post.

    You are right, it’s all about quality of content on the web. Google is always trying to satisfy their end user and for right reasons.

    This post is educative for me as it tells me where to channel my energy.


    • Happy that I can help Tosin. (Yeah…it’s all about quality. No easy way out of that one).

  11. Hi Alan, I totally agree. Years ago when I was brand new, I hired someone to build backlinks for me. Bear in mind, I was quite new… and Panda had not even showed it’s face.

    Even so, I noticed that my traffic actually slowed down. Again, this was Pre-Panda… and I’m quite sure that it had something to do with the fact that where the back links were being built … the pages were totally irrelevant, hence the user would be taken to my page and of course the topic was totally unrelated to what the reader was looking for. Hence my bounce rate went sky high, my listings slipped in the SE and it took a good few months to recover.

    I to be honest, would rather built back links naturally. I’m not that desperate to take chances.

    In my case, it really wasn’t that the content was not decent… it just wasn’t what the user was looking for.

    I do get what you are saying though about having good content. I just thought I’d share my experience from hiring a person who had backlink building software.

    I don’t believe there is an ‘easy’ way out. I think you pay if you don’t do things the right way all around.

    That’s my theory anyway… and for now unless proven otherwise, I’m sticking to it.



    • Hi Jayne,

      Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident. Yes, you have to be very careful with hiring people to build your backlinks.

      This is why I would rather get people to build backlinks to sites which I don’t own. Even if the search engine penalizes the practice, my main website won’t be affected.

      Plus having the search engine penalizing websites such as youtube, hubpages, squidoo etc… is highly unlikely.

      Thanks for sharing your thought Jayne!

  12. Alan,
    Thanks for the great adivce an explanation. Google is evolving with us so why not build “true” back links along with relationships? Granted the progress is slower, but the results are steadfast and won’t be denied you.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      You’re right. Building ‘true’ backlinks is the best way. It’s just that it’s time consuming as you have to do it throughout the lifespan of your website 🙁

  13. Backlinking is really very important today. But to be honest, I didn’t know before that Google can punish some sites, this information was completely new for me, thanks a lot for sharing

    • No worries Amanda. Yes not people know that and backlink building services won’t tell you that either 🙂

  14. Hi Alan;
    Thanks for this great post. I had used some link building services for a while, but didn’t found it worth the risk and effort involved. Your point about linking through a third party website is interesting though. Unless i am mistaken, it would eliminate the risk of being banned from search engine while keeping some of the advantages of link building.

    • Hi Ankesh,

      Yes, you’ve got it.

      That’s the safe way of building backlinks if you’re not doing it manually yourself.