Optin App – Secrets To Building A Huge, Responsive List

Facebook optin appOptin App is one of the most powerful and popular internet marketing application to be  released this year. It’s aim is to help you build a responsive list quickly.

I had the pleasure to interview Todd Gross, one of the owners, which you can watch here:

Watch the interview >>> optin app interview <<<

Todd Gross and  Derrick Van Dyke, the owners of this powerful application, released the beta version of Optin App back in April 2011.

The response to the application was not what they expected.

They thought Optin App would do well, but they didn’t expect it to sell over 3,000 copies in a few weeks and make over $80,000 in sales.

And this was via a forum only!

Optin App – Secret to its success?

The secret to this success was not because of their marketing, name or hype.

It was their offer.

Todd and Derrick released a product that improved list building, helped marketers make more money and leveraged one of the top websites that has a ton of traffic every day – Facebook.

By using Optin App, you can improve your sales by building a more responsive list.

I know that there’s a lot of hype with products like these but here’s how Optin App works and you can judge for yourself.

1. After you purchase Optin App, you’ll get access to your own secured area where you can generate URLs for people to click on to connect with Facebook and see your offers.

2. Instead of the usual “fill in your name and email” on squeeze pages, you can now show a “Connect With Facebook” button. This is less intrusive than asking your visitors to enter their name and email to get your free offer.

3. After the visitor clicks on the link, he is shown a screen asking for permission to access his Facebook details. If you’ve used Facebook before, then you know the type of screen I’m talking about.

Well you can customize that screen with your photo 🙂

4. If the visitor decides not to give you permission to access his Facebook details, then you can show him another page. Maybe a traditional squeeze page with the name and email address fields.

5. Now once the visitor gives you the permission to access his Facebook information, he is automatically added to your autoresponder!

6. The owners have also added another feature where you can install a squeeze page with their custom design templates onto your blog.

This squeeze page will of course, have your Connect With Facebook button on it instead of the old “First name and email address” field.

That is basically how Optin App works.

Optin App Summary

This application is very, very powerful and here’s why:

1. More and more people are signing up to squeeze pages using an email address they don’t check often.

However, with their Facebook account, they will use their main email address. Your list will not contain junk emails anymore.

This alone will push the open rates of your emails through the roof.

2. Having a “Connect With Facebook” button on your squeeze page is more attractive than the usual “first name and email address” fields.

Your visitors are more likely to take action because it’s fun to connect to something with a Facebook account. Plus people are used to doing this with Facebook now.

3. You don’t even have to put this link on a button. It’s a URL.

You can place this anywhere. On your email, Facebook account, Twitter message, forums etc…

4. Don’t worry about your autoresponder not being compatible with Optin App. The guys have integrated the application with more than 20 autoresponder services. Needless to say that the big ones such as aWeber and GetResponse are included.

5. After the visitor subscribes to your list with his Facebook details, he will automatically post your message on his wall which all his friends will be able to read.

This means that you can also leverage the viral marketing function of Facebook!

This is why you can build a huge, responsive list With Optin App.

I’m currently testing Optin App in one of my niches and I can’t wait to share with you my results.

But judging from the features of this product and the hundreds of feedback from happy customers, Optin App should sell like hot cakes when it officially launches on Clickbank.

You can get a copy of this application now at Facebook Optin App

If you sign up before the official launch date (Sept 20th), you’ll also get a $10 discount.

Now if you want more details on Optin App and understand issues such as whether Facebook will ban this sort of app, then check out the interview I did with Todd Gross.

As well as discussing Optin App during the interview, Todd also shared some tips on how to market with video and build a list. Very powerful stuff.

Watch the interview at >>>  Optin App Interview <<<


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