How To Design A Website That Kills Traffic

design a websiteIf you know how to design a website to attract traffic, you can start a consulting business with just this skill.

Businesses that have websites generally have no idea about designing for traffic and conversions. All they care about is the website looking flashy (we’re talking ‘flash’ websites here) and their company logo being located in an attention grabbing area.

Here’s a very good example of a business with absolutely clue about how to design a website. In fact, what you are about to witness is how to design a website that kills traffic.


Article Marketing: How To Write An Article For Targeted Traffic

article marketingArticle marketing is one of the most popular methods internet marketers use to generate traffic to their blogs.

If you visit any internet marketing forum and see a topic on article marketing, you’re almost guaranteed that there will be a ton of replies.

Sadly, many article writers are doing it wrong as they focus on the task and not the end result…

In general, marketers will write an article with a resource box about their business, submit it to an article directory and move on to the next article.

This is not how you do article marketing.


Optin App – Secrets To Building A Huge, Responsive List

Facebook optin appOptin App is one of the most powerful and popular internet marketing application to be  released this year. It’s aim is to help you build a responsive list quickly.

I had the pleasure to interview Todd Gross, one of the owners, which you can watch here:

Watch the interview >>> optin app interview <<<

Todd Gross and  Derrick Van Dyke, the owners of this powerful application, released the beta version of Optin App back in April 2011.

The response to the application was not what they expected.

They thought Optin App would do well, but they didn’t expect it to sell over 3,000 copies in a few weeks and make over $80,000 in sales.

And this was via a forum only!

Optin App – Secret to its success?


How To Make A Blog For Your Business

how to make a blogHow to make a blog for your business is very different to making a personal blog. With the latter, you can add pictures and videos of yourself, family and friends. You can also write about your life every day including taking pictures of what your dinner looks like.

You wouldn’t do this for your business unless you’re a celebrity!

To learn how to make a blog for your business, you’re required to have several things in place so that your blog can sell for you. Here are 6 steps on how to make a blog for your business.


A Disastrous Webinar – How To Get Results

disastrous webinar how toFor my Strategic Blog Traffic product launch, I did my first webinar on how to generate traffic to a blog.

The webinar was entitled ‘Secrets to generating mass targeted traffic and profiting with your blog‘.

It was scheduled 5 days before the actual launch of Strategic Blog Traffic.

I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t worried. I was damn nervous.

I spent 3 whole days preparing for this pre-launch event. Doing things like…

writing the best content I could think of

– preparing the presentation slides