How Do You Sell Online?

how to sell onlineHow do you sell online and generate your money? Have you ever thought about this question?

It may seem like a dumb question at first glance but when you’re not making much money, knowing the answer to this question will make a hell of a difference.

I spoke to a few of my subscribers on Skype and one of the most amazing, common problems I found out was that they were not making an effort to sell.

I started to realize that what I thought was common sense, was not in actual fact NOT.

This proves that you can write about your hobby and skill, and people will buy it. Just because you know something, it doesn’t mean that other people do as well.

Back to my subscribers’ problems…they did not put much effort on selling online.

If you think that’s nuts…don’t. Read on and decide if you fall into the same trap! (more…)

How To Hire A Freelancer For Your Online Business

how to hire a freelancerHow to hire a freelancer is an article that I have promised to write about in my post Outsourcing Internet Marketing Tasks.

How to hire a freelancer is a very important skill to learn since these virtual workers contribute a lot to the success of your business. They work much harder and longer for your business than you (at least that’s how it should be).

Let’s discuss the places where you can hire a freelancer:

– Odesk (

– Elance (

– Rent A Coder (

– Guru (

– Best Jobs (

– Fiverr (

There are many other places where you can hire a freelancer to work for your online business but you don’t need the whole list. The ones above will satisfy most, if not all of your needs for an online business. (more…)

Internet Marketing Coach – Is It Worth Hiring One?

internet marketing coachInternet marketing coach – You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought about it…is it really worth hiring one?

There are a ton of ways to learn Internet marketing. You can learn from ebooks, videos, audios, membership sitesĀ  and of course, getting yourself an Internet marketing coach.

This internet marketing expert can coach you over the phone, through a membership site and you can even visit his home office.

It goes without saying that the more personal the coaching is, the more expensive the Internet marketing coach’s fee is.

But is it really worth hiring an internet marketing coach to turn your business around and start watching the profits flood in which you’ve often heard about people bragging in their salesletters?

Let’s see how an Internet marketing coach can actually help you. (more…)

Blog Crashes – Posts and Pages Disappear

Blog crashes where your posts and pages disappear all of a sudden won’t ever happen to you, right?

Well that was what I thought until it did happen to me after I saved a draft blog post.

Seriously… I almost had heart attack.

I was in the middle of a WSO promotion and one of the products was installed on my blog. So I was pretty worried to say the least.

Anyway, I rang Hostgator and a few WordPress experts and managed to fix the problem.

All I had to do, was go to my cPanel, find the WordPress database that contained my posts (wp_posts) and repair it.

It was bloody simple. Watch the video to see how I repaired my blog crash.


Outsourcing Internet Marketing Tasks

outsource internet marketing tasksOutsourcing Internet marketing tasks is a must if you want to seriously grow your online business. Actually there’s more and more courses being released teaching you how to outsource your Internet marketing tasks.

The selling point is that you will pay some guy for peanuts to do all the work, while you lie back on the couch, sip a beer and watch TV.

But does that really happen in the real world?

Unfortunately the answer’s NO. (more…)