Mothers Day – Lesson In Regional Specifics

Mothers Day in Hong Kong is a time when all decent restaurants are full. It’s impossible to get a table for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Unless you have bookings way in advance.

The people in Hong Kong are crazy with “dim sum” restaurants on Sundays. With [tag-tec]Mothers Day[/tag-tec] being on a Sunday as well, I’ll be surprised if I don’t need to wait for at least 2.5 hours and get rushed service!

For restaurants in Hong Kong, Mothers Day means a shit load of traffic for them (physically!) throughout the day. It’s like a launch day in the online informational product world. I wonder if there’s a way to get that traffic and [tag-tec]make money[/tag-tec] with it?

I just rang my mum in the UK and realized that Mothers Day is not the same as Hong Kong. Hmmm…..I was sure it was.

A quick Google investigation and I found that Fathers Day was the same in both countries and not Mothers Day. Now wouldn’t I’ve looked foolish if I emailed everyone and reminded them of Mothers Day?

Before you email to your list, always be cautious of what you say. Did you know that some people don’t celebrate Christmas and are actually embarrassed if you mention Christmas celebrations to them?

Lesson learned? Always speak to people using “Global Language”. We are from different parts of the world and don’t share the same habits, holidays or slangs.

By the way, Happy Mothers Day to those that are celebrating it today 🙂

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