Directory Submission Service For Ghostwriting Services Website

directory submission service

I am currently thinking of ways to promote my ghostwriting services website and I came across a site which I found to be pretty good and inexpensive

The name is DirectoryMaximizer. It’s a service to improve your search engine rankings by submitting your website to free or paid directories.

I just bought their service for $5.00 which includes submitting my website to 36 free directories. The time for me to do this myself would probably take one whole day. So $5 justifies it.

The good thing about Directory Maximizer is that your website is submitted manually and you can also schedule when the submissions will be complete. I’ve chosen to submit to 36 directories in a span of 2 weeks.

If the results are good, I will be submitting to another 36 directories in two week’s time. $5 for at least one day’s work is a no-brainer. I’m hoping I to see some positive results for

Get your websites submitted to Directory Maximizer


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