Article Marketing – 5 Critical Mistakes Even Article Marketing Experts Make

There are many article marketing experts online. If you visit any internet marketing forums, you’ll find many who are considered experts in this field.

But these experts are not perfect – they make mistakes in their articles too. Article marketing is an art which requires practice and experience, knowing what works and what doesn’t work.

In this article I’ll talk about the critical mistakes that even expert article marketers make. Take this advice and improve your own articles.

5 Critical Article Marketing Mistakes

1. No research

A lot of the times, an article is not researched enough to be published. Well known article marketers make the mistake of not researching their articles thoroughly before submitting to article directories.

It’s probably because they are trying to enter a new niche which they are generating traffic to using articles. People who have knowledge in the niche, will know when the content is wrong. It’s embarrassing to have your articles published with the wrong information.

If you’re not too familiar with a niche that you’re entering, do the research first. Your objective is to show you’re an expert in the field.

2. Ego

This mistake is made by a lot of experienced article marketers. Since they’re successful within their market and well-known. they tend to forget about writing good articles.

They may skip the introduction, write in huge paragraphs, not focus on keywords and promote themselves with the content.

The reason they’re making these mistakes is because of their ego. They think that because they have a good name in the market, they can get away with writing any type of article. They are relying too much on their reputation to make the article effective.

When you write articles, you are marketing to new readers as well as readers who have heard about you. So treat every article like you’re writing to impress and attract new readers.

3. Break-through information

Some experts slow down with the number of articles they write because they are thinking about what break-through information to write about.

What is being said about a particular topic has already been said. With article marketing, you don’t need to focus on writing new information. Explaining old, but useful information is a good approach.

Not everyone who reads your articles are knowledgeable. You need to target new readers as well.

4. Poor resource box

Again, this is related to the expert’s ego. They seem to use the same resource box for all their articles as they have been effective in the past.

Your resource box should not be the same for all your articles. They should be related to what your article is about. You still need to spend some time writing a good, effective resource box. It’s what matters at the end.

5. Adding more fuel

After you distribute your article, the work doesn’t end there. You need to spend time promoting the articles and make the most from them.

Try to generate as much traffic as you can to the articles that are online. Social bookmark them, tweet about them, put them on your blog and tell your list.

This extra effort will add more clicks to your article which will attract more readers. If your article is one of the most read during the past 90 days, it will get displayed in a premium location which will get you many visitors.

Article marketing is an art that you need to continuously approve. What works today, may not work tomorrow. We didn’t have Facebook and Twitter a few years ago but now we should use them to promote our articles. Make a checklist of things to do when writing and you’ll get more mileage from your article marketing.

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  1. I have to agree woth you here. The single biggest mistake I see is writers using poor resource boxes that simply don’t enocurage a click powerfully-enough. Learning to write good bio’s takes time but is well worth it in the results you can see.