10 Basic Skills You Must Need To Make Money Online

Every internet marketer dreams to make money online while having plenty of time to enjoy life with family and friends. There are many products released which teaches one how to achieve this kind of financial freedom.

However, the brutal truth disappoints the buyer – it’s not as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of work to be done – you need to master a lot of skills. Basically, the person with the sales pitch was talking out his backside when he sold you the information product. There is no quick and easy magic pill to succeed online.

Here are 10 skills you need to master to make money online. If you can achieve these, there’s no way you can fail.

1. Get A Business Planned


Instead of trying every trick in the book to try and make money such as creating a Squidoo lens to drive traffic to your affiliate program and creating a niche website to sell advertisement, get a business plan.

Decide what online business you want, what market it targets and then go all out to make this plan work. Don’t get distracted by other opportunities such as the latest software, the latest social marketing technique, a new business model or the hot looking neighbor who just moved next door (hmmm…maybe that’s asking too much).

Planning is essential for success. You need to plan your daily tasks as well as your overall business.

2. Create Your Offers

With your online business, create a main offer to sell to your prospects. Make this offer something that appeals to the majority of people and is affordable.

Then continuously create new offers which you can sell to your customers in the backend. If you have an offer which is better than your main offer, then try testing it.

By regularly coming up with new offers, you might hit one which sells like a Transformers 2 movie.

Learn how to be creative and continuously develop new offers which appeal to your market. This is what business owners do.


3. Writing

You definitely need this skill if you want to run a business online. You need to write with every opportunity you have. In forums, your own blog, other people’s blogs, your report, your ebook etc…

If you can write and write well, you’re halfway there to succeeding online.

By writing well, I mean content which is grammatically right and is interesting to read with good information. As the saying goes… “The keyboard is mightier than a billboard”.


4. Outsourcing

There are many tasks in running an online business. You can’t do everything by yourself. You need to find good freelancers who you can outsource the work to.

Tasks like, updating your website, hiring a superb ghostwriter like me, monitoring your sales conversion and generating traffic.

The more you outsource tasks and free up your time, the more time you can spend on coming up with new offers, improvements and annoying your parents.


5. Building your list of subscribers

The majority of your business’ task should be focused on collecting email addresses from prospects. You need to master the skill  of creating squeeze pages, pop-ups, slide in pop ups and any other annoying way to capture the visitor’s email.

The bigger the list you have, the more chances of people buying from you via the emails you send them.


6. Testing

You need to know how to test everything on your website. For example, how well the new product sells, the response to your sales letter, your headlines, the images you put on your website, the location of your optin form etc…

Test the essential things in your business because they make a huge difference to your sales. You may have an image that distracts the prospect from buying. Removing this image may increase sales by 10%. You won’t know if you don’t test.


7. Marketing

Needless to say, you have to be good at marketing if you want to make money online. This involves accepting that you are a salesman and that you’re not afraid to market yourself and your business. This is psychologically very important if you want to succeed.

Every chance you get you should market your business and yourself. Tell everyone about it. Come up with interesting things that will get people’s attention.

Learn tricks like pay per click, blogging, buying solo ads etc.. Ask yourself before going to bed, have you annoyed enough people with your marketing today.


8. Relationships

Running an online business doesn’t mean you have to be a nerd alone behind a computer. You need to skillful at building relationships with other online business owners.

When you want to promote a product, you can leverage these relationships by asking them to be your affiliate or ask them for advice.

Get online in forums and blogs and develop some relationships. Help each other out. This is the fastest way to success, depending on who you know of course. Scratch their backs and they’ll scratch yours.

9. Motivation


You need to continuously motivate yourself. The more motivated you are, the more work you’ll get done and the better quality you’ll produce.

You also need to motivate your staff or freelancers. Without motivation, the quality of work dies. Your freelancer half way across the globe needs motivating as well. Send them a funny YouTube video now and again and tell them how fantastic they are even if you don’t mean it.

10. Being Modest


Always be modest with your business. Never think that people’s decision doesn’t matter. Take all the advice and think about it. You’ll never know everything. Admit that there are many people who are smarter than you.

If someone tells you that your product sucks, don’t ignore him. If someone says your marketing is boring, ask them for more details.

If you master these 10 basic skills, it’s only a matter of time before you will make money online (lots of it) and live the life which hard working people will hate you for.


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