Which Fresh Email Lead Service To Use?

Fresh Email Lead services are companies that will provide you with emails that they have generated from their own websites or other websites

The list includes emails, first name and ip address of the person who signed up, and the date they signed up from.

You can purchase these [tag-tec]fresh email leads[/tag-tec] from companies that have signed up to receive more information on a certain niche. Of course, your web site or business will also have in the same niche.
Otherwise the people on the co-reg lists will unsubscribe from you straight away.

So how do you know what fresh email lead service to use?

Fresh Email Lead Service checklist:

1. The people who signed up for the co-reg list service should be double opted in.

2. The co-reg list should list reasonable rates for their lists.
eg. under 50 cents for double opted in subscribers

3. The email leads should be fresh. eg. under 24 hours or immediately if possible.

4. You need to test the quality of the email leads using tools such as Google Analytics or MyBlogLog tools.
See which co-reg list service provides you with the most responsive leads.

5. See which [tag-tec]co-reg list[/tag-tec] service has the least unsubscribes and use them again.

You need to test which fresh email lead service is more responsive for your niche. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Test it for yourself.

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