Web Traffic – Are You Ready?

web trafficWeb traffic is the dream goal of every internet marketer. The success of any website depends on the traffic. But the one thing internet marketers forget is are they ready for the traffic?

To answer this question, you need to know what your goal is for the visitors. Only answering this question are you then ready for the avalanche of traffic you’re hoping for.

There are basically 4 reasons why you want web traffic:

1. To build a list of prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. You will sell to this list later on.

2. To purchase your products or affiliate products so that you can make a profit.

3. To test the response of a product which is not ready to launch yet

4. To test your pay per click ads such as Adsense

For points 3 and 4, you can generate web traffic using Pay Per Clicks, such as Adwords. This is a fast and easy way to generate web traffic. The visitors you get are very targeted (it depends of course on how well you’ve crafted the ad).

If your reasons for the web traffic are for points 1 and 2 then you need to check if you’re ready for the web traffic. Going through this checklist will not put your targeted traffic to waste.

Checklist For An Onslaught Of Traffic

1. Do you have the autoresponder lists setup correctly to capture the email addresses?

If you’re driving traffic from different sources such as JV partners, you’ll need to have different autoresponder lists for each individual partner. With these lists, you can see which partner has brought you the most signups, customers etc… and you can easily compensate or show your gratitude to them based on the figures.

All JV partners love to know how well they did for a promotion. Telling them how many double opted signups you got will make you look very professional.

2. Are your autoresponder messages setup correctly?

Once people sign up to your list from your website, you need to make sure that the email series you start sending to them are free of errors and are valuable enough for them to stay on your list.

Many times people make the error of only have the first autoresponder message and nothing else. They occasionally send an email broadcast, but when they are too busy, the list of new prospects turn cold. They have wasted the web traffic they so hard tried to generate.

Make sure you have enough autoresponder emails ready to warm up your list and provide good content for them. Having a month’s worth of follow up messages is ideal.

3. Your ‘Email Verification’ page

If you use double opt-in for your signups, you need to make sure that you have an ‘Email Verification’ page setup. When people sign up to your autoresponder such as Aweber from your website’s form, they should be taken to a customized screen that is hosted on your website. Do not use Aweber’s default page.

With your customized page, you need to tell the prospects that they will receive an email with a certain subject line and you also need to tell them what the content of the email will look like.

The point of this ‘Email Verification’ page is to increase the chances of them double opting to your email list. There are many times where we lose subscribers because they didn’t verify opting in as they accidentally deleted the email or thought it was spam. Again, implement this and don’t waste your web traffic.

4. Your ‘Thank You’ page

Finally, your thank you page should be hosted on your website when the person confirms the double optin email. Don’t use Aweber’s default page. You’re leaving money on the table. I’ll tell you why.

With the thank you page, you need to tell the subscriber how much you appreciate them for signing up to your list. They’ve taken the actions so giving them a response improves the relationship. You have interacted with them.

On your thank you page, tell them that you have a product that you found interesting and think it can help them. Here you will promote your own product or recommend an affiliate product.

The subscriber has read your content on the website, signed up to your list and confirmed by clicking on an email that they want to be on your list. They have taken 3 actions to receive your information. If you offer them something valuable which is related to what they have read on your website and it really complements their needs, then you are doing them a service.

Your ‘Thank You’ page is a goldmine and many people are not using this. You’re building interaction with your prospects, offering them good advice and making a profit at the same time.

Go through this checklist first before you begin driving targeted web traffic to your websites. Otherwise there’s no point in generating web traffic.


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