Online Product Funnel – Maximizing Your Traffic

online product funnelYour online product funnel is more important than generating traffic. Find that shocking? Hear me out.

Nearly all my students or subscribers who ask me for help, want to know how to generate more traffic. To them, it’s always about traffic.

Often I will reply by asking them where they’re driving the traffic to. The replies are normally, the squeeze page or salesletter.

That’s perfectly fine, however after digging slightly deeper into their business, I realize that they will sell to the visitor once only.

This means that after becoming a customer, the person has nothing else to buy from the product owner!

All the product owner does after getting the customer is:

– generate more traffic to bring in more sales

– forget about the customer. Let it stay isolated on the autoresponder list.

– email the customer with an affiliate offers once in a blue moon

I’m serious. These 3 actions are what most online entrepreneurs do after they gain a customer.

Which is why I tell my students that creating a solid online product funnel is more important than traffic generation.

The main reason is because you’ll be wasting your time generating a lot of traffic when the visitors only buy one product from you and then probably unsubscribe from your list after after hearing from you again in several weeks time — they have forgotten about you already.

So let’s cut to the chase.

What is a solid Online Product Funnel?

An online product funnel is a basically a series of products that you sell to the visitor once they subscribe to your list. If you have 12 products of your own, you will sell them all to the visitor in due time.

autoresponder messagesSo if a visitor signs up to your list, you will have several months of autoresponder messages waiting to be delivered.

On the first week, you could send several excellent emails with valuable content to gain the subscribers’ trust.

On the second week, you can follow up with the subscriber with a week of emails promoting one of your products. Many marketers are leaving money on the table by only promoting a product or service once to the list.

A lot of the times, people will buy after being contacted several times. So try to spend the whole week on selling just one product.

Then you will follow up with series of emails providing content for the next 7 days, and then promote another one of your products and so on…

Do you see how everything works?

If you have 12 products, then you’ll have 24 weeks (roughly 6 months) of autoresponder messages. Just imagine being able to sell to a new subscriber for 6 months.

For every new person that signs up from your squeeze page, your autoresponder series will build a relationship with him and sell to him for 6 months. That’s an amazing online business model.

So if you build a solid online product funnel first, the traffic that you’ll generate later on will be much better utilized.

Online Product Funnel – Summary

Forget about generating traffic for the time being if you don’t have at least one product and several weeks of autoresponder messages for your subscribers.

Remember, your subscribers are most responsive when they first join your list. You need to communicate with them right away to build trust and to make sales. Everyone is so busy nowadays, we forget why we subscribed to a list in the first place.

Always remind yourself why you are generating traffic and the purpose of your online business. At the end of the day, it’s the overall amount of profit you make that matters.

I don’t understand why there are people who focus on generating traffic to build a list but they have nothing to sell!!

It’s selling that makes you profit. Generating traffic alone is useless. You have to sell.

Building an online product funnel will maximize your profit with each subscriber.

But do you know what the funny thing is?

You know that stuff already!

I probably reminded you of what to do with your online business with this article but deep down, you know that it’s nothing ground-breaking. It’s just something that you know already but are NOT DOING.

This is one of the major problems that people have when making money online.

They have the knowledge, but they are hopeless at implementation.

This is why a lot of the times with coaching, the mentor should have the student focus on implementation rather than learning new information.


  1. Hi Alan,

    I definitely needed to read this post today. My focus has been on traffic and I now see that I shouldn’t be focusing on that. I have a question – how do you go about creating an online product funnel? Can you give examples of what you are selling? Details please!

    • Hi Jamella,

      Good questions!

      Everyone’s product funnel is different. It depends on your business.

      To create your own…list down everything you know about your niche.

      Then think about what products you can create for them and at what price.

      Then promote each one with an autoresponder series. It depends what you promote first. I personally would promote the most expensive product first.

      For my own product funnel, I sell various marketing products, ghostwriting services and personal/group coaching.

  2. Hi Chang!

    You’ve described a real drawback in terms of marketing. It’s quite common when a customer buys one product most of the marketers overlook that sale & forget to respond to the customer again, which results in the customer not willing to come back to purchase anything again.

    • “It’s much easier to make an existing customer buy than to acquire a new customer” – anonymous

      We’ve all heard about it. But not many people apply it.

      Thanks for dropping by Dennis.

  3. Its true that you can have all the knowledge in the world about a certain topics or area but if you don’t have the drive or willingness to put in the effort and execute its all for nothing.

  4. Hi Alan,

    I think that it’s a good idea to have an autoresponder series for new subscribers. It helps them to remember who you are and it helps you to establish a relationship if you offer value right away! It is irritating when I get a random email from someone and I have no idea who they are or how I got on their list – or when!


    • Hi Stacy,

      Yes. And that’s why people report SPAM even though they signed up to the list in the first place.

      We’re too busy nowadays to remember what we signed up for 🙁

  5. Hi Alan,

    What you say might nor mean much for the newbie, but it is golden to the master marketer.

    I see people pay alot of people to do google and facebook ppc and notpay great attention to the funnel and I just dont understand the logic behind it.

    It’s better to give that money to charity as far as I am concerned.

    Alan, this post here is gold.


    • Hey Tosin,

      Though the advice is not anything ground-breaking, it will produce amazing results. Beats the Bright Shiny Object anytime!

      Thanks for dropping by my friend.

  6. Hey Alan,
    Beautiful post and reminder my friend.
    It’s more effective to focus on building strong connections first, with the visitors you attract, then with the subscribers and finally customers..there’s is huge gold rush for “more”. I want more sales , more customers etc..and this way we forget to appreciate and cultivate what wwe already have. Creating repeating customers is more effective and powerful for your business growth than trying to sell or recruit more.
    I’m on my way to develop my first info product this year and definitely your tips are a perfect fit.

    Thanks for sharing Alan!

    • Hey Radu,

      Great to hear that you’re developing your first info product! All best my friend and I’m glad you found the tips useful.

  7. Am not selling anything online but it seems to me that your advise is great for those who do. If you sell something than that’s your main objective. Getting more traffic alone doesn’t do the trick.

  8. Yes, you are definitely right, and we shouldn’t send too many letters to subscribers, because they cannot like it at all

    • Too many will overwhelm them and too little will make them forget about you 🙂

      If we just focus on doing what’s best for our subscribers, we’ll do fine.

  9. Hello Alan! Even though this post is a reminder of what most of us already know, it is still an excellent reminder. Self-employed people, and bloggers are no exception, get caught in all kinds of obsessions. Getting more twitter followers, adding more friends or this in case, getting more traffic. We forget to ask “what for?” Why am I putting in all this effort and what will it lead to?

    If it does not lead to ongoing sales, then all we have to show for all our efforts is satisfying some obsession of ours. All said and done, it still comes down to building an ongoing relationship with your blog visitors by providing real value while keeping them in your sales funnel. Am I doing all these things? No. That’s why your post is a good reminder. Thank you!

    • Thanks Srinivas.

      Yes we all need reminders…every day! This is to make sure that we are on track with our goals. Thanks for your kind comments and I’m happy that the article has helped you.

  10. Yes these are the core basic of building a solid marketing funnel, and the vital part of that funnel is having a virtual list that you can tap into anytime you want to spit out cash…

    Of course a great relationship is needed with that list for this to be possible in most cases.

    • Hi Barnett,

      A great relationship with a huge list is the secret ingredient to making a lot of money online. That’s the magical formula!

  11. Hi Alan,

    It’s a pretty well known fact that it costs a lot more money to get new customers than it does to keep old ones. So anything you can do to maintain the relationship is good for you and the customer. How many customers go away because they forget how to find you? They might want to buy something from you again, but lost your information? Just the fact that you’re staying in touch will help bring more sales. If you want to roll out your line of products in subsequent emails, all the better.


    • Hi Lou,

      That’s right!

      A lot of the times, it comes down to the fear of selling to and annoying your subscribers which is why lists turn cold and unresponsive.