Internet Marketing Selling – How To Give Away Free Stuff To Sell

Internet marketing selling is so easy to do compared to the usual brick and mortar selling. It’s because you can give out free information to people in sites such as article directories, blogs, forums and video sites.

So how do you sell when by providing information free to other people?

You can do this by giving them incomplete content. Let me explain.

Say for example, you go to a forum and tell everyone that you have a free report for them to download which is related to what they are interested in. Ask them that you appreciate some honest feedback for the product and that there is no opt-in required to download the report. You’ll have many fanatics downloading that report in no time.

In your report, tell them of several solutions to solve their problems. Then for a more detailed version, they can opt-in to another free report which you have. Since the readers have a taste of the good information that you’ve provided, they won’t hesitate on giving their emails to subscribe to another report of yours. Using this technique you’ll find that you can increase your subscribers a lot more than using the usual standard ways.

Next in both of your free reports, tell them of a paid product of yours which has further details of what your free report has. Tell them that it describes everything in a step by stpe format and goes into much detail. If your report is good, you’ll increase your subscribers and customers greatly. This is internet marketing at its best.

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  1. Great Blog thanks for the resources. Hope to use this info someday. Thanks Alan