How Do You Sell Online?

how to sell onlineHow do you sell online and generate your money? Have you ever thought about this question?

It may seem like a dumb question at first glance but when you’re not making much money, knowing the answer to this question will make a hell of a difference.

I spoke to a few of my subscribers on Skype and one of the most amazing, common problems I found out was that they were not making an effort to sell.

I started to realize that what I thought was common sense, was not in actual fact NOT.

This proves that you can write about your hobby and skill, and people will buy it. Just because you know something, it doesn’t mean that other people do as well.

Back to my subscribers’ problems…they did not put much effort on selling online.

If you think that’s nuts…don’t. Read on and decide if you fall into the same trap!

Many people write articles, build squeeze pages, post on forums, buy ads, build backlinks and blog about their business.

They focus on these tasks daily. They believe that doing enough of these tasks will bring in the money sooner or later. Persistence is the KEY!

Wrong Again!

If you want to make a good income on the Internet then you need to focus on selling!

focus on selling

None of the tasks that I mentioned above such as writing articles, building squeeze pages, forum posting and so on, are actually selling a product for you.

They are mainly traffic generating tasks.

The whole Internet Marketing industry is screaming that everyone should start building a list no matter what niche they’re in.

I totally agree! However, while all these tasks are essential in generating traffic and building assets, they don’t focus on selling.

I repeat, selling is what brings in the money!

With the above scenarios, how do you think visitors will buy?

Well if the online entrepreneur is smart, he will generate all the traffic to his squeeze page to build his list and the visitors/subscribers will know about the products after reading the salesletter.

They probably arrived at the salesletter via the blog, forum post, an email announcement or from paid ads.

So if the salesletter for the product is crap, then the entrepreneur won’t make many sales. The key to success is the conversion rate of the salesletter.

If you don’t know already, a good salesletter will cost thousands of dollars if you outsource it to a decent copywriter. By the way, paying thousands of dollars doesn’t guarantee that the salesletter will convert well.

Frustrating eh?

This is what the majority of people do when they’re trying to make money online. They convince the visitor or subscriber to check out the salesletter once and then stop!

How Do You Sell Online?

Ok, so what is the answer? How do you sell online?

buying onlineWith my years of experience and from discussing with my Internet Marketing partners, we can all conclude that the bulk of the selling is done by email marketing!

That’s right!

If you want to make sales, the best way to do it is by sending emails which will direct them to the salesletter that will ask them for the sale!

You’re not doing a very good job with selling by just mentioning your product once and then moving on the next thing. You’re taking “No” for an answer too easily.

The majority of your sales are made with sending emails to your subscribers. This is why everyone is saying the “money is in the list”.

How does sending emails generate sales?

Here’s how it works.

When a person becomes your subscriber, you will start sending them entertaining emails with good, valuable information.

This will make them get to know, like and trust you. This will normally take a week or so of emails.

Your next step is send them SEVERAL EMAILS spaced out over a week, which continues to give them good information with a link to buy your product for more detailed instructions.

It is these SEVERAL emails, that will make you the most money with your online business.

If you have more products, then you can repeat the same thing – deliver good content for a week, then sell for a week.

This works because you’re not relying on just your salesletter to make the sale. You’re building trust with your subscribers so that when you suggest a product to them, they will check it out properly. This will increase the conversion of your salesletter by more than 10 times!

So What Are You Doing Wrong?

After knowing all that, ask yourself “Am I sending enough emails to my subscribers?”

If you’re not then you’re not selling hard enough which is why you’re not making many sales.

Not many people buy after taking one look at your salesletter. They will buy if they know and like you. Combine that with a decent salesletter then you’ll make a ton of sales!

I hope you understand and hopefully agree, on the importance of emailing your list. An online business is not like a retail shop. People don’t trust buying from websites. You need to build that trust to make the sale. The best way to build the trust is by using emails.




  1. Selling products online is one of best way to earn money. I never tried to sell anything online but maybe soon. Thanks for sharing such ways on how to sell online, I appreciate it.

    • Hi Alesia,

      Glad you liked the post. Don’t worry…once you get started, you won’t want to stop 🙂

  2. Great points here Alan,
    It is a combination of giving value using attraction marketing and using direct marketing (getting your tribe to take a desired action). Both are important. Email marketing is powerful and needs to be leveraged effectively for real results. Simple but not easy. Online business takes work and building relationships take work. Luckily, online we can connect with thousands of people and build a relationship with our tribe with a simple email sent out to everyone at once. The most powerful tool I know of…

    • Hi Ragnar. Thanks and good to know you enjoyed the article.

      Yes…thank God for technology, it’s getting easier to build relationships now.

      Unfortunately it’s easier to get distracted from our work too 🙂

  3. Hi Alan,

    Sage advice. You always have a way of coming up with these kind of posts 🙂 Great job.

    Relationships are so important when it comes to selling online cos alot of people are biting their fingers having being burnt by alot of people.

    And this can be done via emails like you pointed out, just make sure that it is ethical, i.e not spam.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    • Thanks Tosin.

      It didn’t click with me for a long time how important relationships are. Not just online but offline too.

      As for spammers…here’s what I think !%$#$#!^&

  4. Hi Alan, I can’t agree more. We have to have a good balance between delivering pure content… intertwined with a good solid ‘suggestion’ to have them take a look at our ‘offer’.

    I understand about the ‘copywriting’ aspect and it costing thousands of dollars if you outsource, but I think if we use a bit of common sense and put effort into an attractive page or offer… and put ourselves in the customers shoes, we won’t go too far wrong. Even if it doesn’t convert, we can practice tweaking till be get that ‘sweet spot’.

    Speaking of sweet spot… the same goes for our blogs. This day and age we are so engrossed with ‘attraction’ marketing and hardly sell at all. I’ve started to change that. If you don’t suggest… you don’t get Jack!

    We have to sell … after all we’re not in this industry to solely have pleasant conversation. Lets face it, as you say, we all have something others want.

    I love reading your posts Alan. It’s lovely to be connected with someone who has the experience you do.



    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for your nice comments. I totally agree on doing your own copywriting. It is very hard to earn back your copywriting fee unless you’re selling something very high priced.

      I know a very good marketer (who is also a friend) who sells with his blog posts regularly. What he does is write good content and at the end relate it to an offer. It’s working extremely well for him.

      Sometimes we just have to get out of our comfort zone and see if things will work for us.

  5. Great post Alan:) I try to sell very subtly so people don’t think they’re being sold too! I sometimes think I should be harder in my sales as I don’t sell enough online and I don’t send daily emails etc. but I guess it’s about keeping the balance between getting results and ethically selling.

    • Hi Lilach,

      It was very difficult for me emailing my list regularly as well. Believe me, I struggled hard with it.

      But if you can manage to deliver good content and you know that you’re treating your list well, then it makes things easier.

      Thanks for your comment!

  6. Good advice Alan.

    Just make sure you don’t send emails to people that haven’t subsribed to your mailing list. Am really tired of getting emails and newsletters from people just because I have accepted an invitation to connect on Linkedin. Far too many people abuse emails. And the result – they get classified as spam which will cause them problems.

    • Definitely Catrina. What you mentioned is called spamming. And it’s a huge NO with any ethical marketer.

  7. Hi Alan,

    Providing value is very important when you want to make sales through a list! I can’t tell you how many lists that I have unsubscribed from because the “marketer” was always trying to sell stuff but never gave any value. Whenever I have bought from someone it’s because of the value that they’ve given me and I know without a doubt that I can trust them!


    • It also makes me angry when you go back and read about how much good content they’re going to send you…when in reality it’s promotion after promotion.

      And as you mentioned, you will buy when the person has given you value with his emails.

  8. Hi Alan,

    I agree that more most websites, there has to be a trust built over time in order for people to do something that could result in disaster (pulling out their credit card). Emailing your list is a great way to build that trust, if you have a large list. If not, you have to concentrate on building that trust through your content and try to build the list somehow.


    • Hi Lou,

      You’re right. The content you release on the Internet is your branding. You use it to build trust like you mentioned.

      For me, whether it’s a small or large list…I always advise people to treat them well. What goes around comes around.

  9. I think that we shouldn’t send many e-mails to our subscribers, because it can irritate them somehow and as a result they can stop reading them or unsubscribe

    • Hi Amanda,

      Thanks for your comment. If the content of the emails is boring or doesn’t contain value then even 1 email is too much.

      The point is to send regular emails with good content and not leave the list cold.

      Thanks for dropping by Amanda.

  10. Alan,
    The process of running an online business can seem like jumping into the deep end of the pool. When you surface you suck in some water and panic, so you begin doing all that you know to stay above water. In actuality if you would stop to think, you could just tread water treading water!  We can get too caught up in building to actually do what we set out to do and make some profit.

    Alan, thanks for the simple-no brained way for us to start doing what we set out to do.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Glad you liked the article. When I first started out, I also focused on generating traffic and create products but forgot about selling 🙁

      Running a business is easy. But making money with it consistently requires hard work and learning from mistakes. The Get Rich Quick schemes are all lies — I wish someone can prove me wrong 🙂