How To Outsource Your Internet Marketing Business

outsourceInternet marketing is portrayed as a relaxed, lazy man’s way to riches. Just a click of a button and the money will come in. If you’re a serious internet marketer, you’ll know that it’s a lie.

Internet Marketing is like any other business. It requires hard work, research, studying new marketing methods and planning. All this takes up a lot of your time especially if you’re not good at doing the tasks.

Let’s look at what an internet marketing involves:

1. Research of a product/service.
Make sure that the market has a need for it and research on what price you can sell it for. Understand what your deliverables are. eg. mp3 audio, pdf book, printed manual, membership access etc…

2. Development of the product
Write the content for your product. Do screen captures using Camtasia or video record scenes if needed.

3. Testing and proof reading your product
Make sure that everything is smooth and work as expected. Ensure there are no flaws that will cause major customer dissatisfaction.

4.  Copywriting – Writing the salesletter
Write a kick-ass salesletter for your product so that a high percentage of targeted visitors will become customers.

5. Graphics for salesletter
Create eye catching graphics for your salesletter to increase conversion and to capture the visitors’ attention

6. Writing Articles
You need to write articles and submit them to article/ezine  directories to advertise your new product

7. Write Press Releases
You need to write a press release to tell the world about your product. This improves SEO as well.

8. Posting to forums.
Start posting to the forums related to your niche regularly. You want to tell the world about your product, especially the people who are related to your niche.

9. Pay Per Click Marketing
This is a big one. Research relevant keywords and write ads for them. Look after your daily expenditure and see if the visitors convert to buyers. Test out other pay per click search engines as well. There are many more apart from AdWords, Yahoo and MSN.

10. Write an autoresponder series
You need this to follow up with your visitors after they subscribe to your course which you offer in your salesletter or in any part of your marketing. Promote your product again in your autoresponders. You need at least 10 messages in your autoresponder

11. Help Desk
You don’t want your customer’s inquiries to be missed. You need to setup a help desk system to track the tickets opened and you need to reply to their problems quickly (usually within 24-48 hours) and handle refunds.

outsource team

12. Search Engine Optimization.
This is a continuous effort. You need to build links to your website daily and hopefully there comes a day, where you don’t need to spend pay per clicks on keywords which you are ranking high for.

13. Create affiliate program
To increase sales, you need to create an affiliate program. This virtually puts your marketing on autopilot. Creating an affiliate program involves, choosing and installing the software, writing promotional material for your affiliates to use and marketing your affiliate program

14. Accounting
You need to fill in your expenses, income, assets etc… so that you can do your taxes later on.

15. Tracking and Testing
You need to always keep tracking and testing what is working and what is not. This will increase your profits tremendously.

16.  Blogging
Blogging regularly is essential to market your website. Content rules on the internet and nothing is better than a blog to regularly pump out content to the search engines.

There are many more tasks to this list. Such as setting up aweber, for different lists you have, regularly sending out good content and promotional material to your list, continuously reading up on the latest marketing methods, commenting on other blogs, creating a Squidoo lens, social marketing etc…

How the HELL can someone say internet marketing requires not much work? Does all the above sound easy to you? What if you’re not very technical? You don’t know how to upload a website, don’t know how to setup a blog, don’t know how to blog, don’t know how to setup an autoresponder using Aweber etc…

Internet Marketing is a business with mammoth tasks.

Just writing for your salesletter will take you a whole week. Not to mention the testing and tracking you do later on to improve its conversions.

Do you know why so many people fail with their internet marketing businesses. They think it’s easy and require no work.

For those that do manage to do everything by themselves, they are working full time. They are working their asses off. But bear in mind they need to do a good job with all the tasks for their business to work.

Can you seriously say that your graphic designs are good, your writing is great and converts customers, you have sufficient technical knowledge to handle all the tasks, you are great at customer support etc…?

This is why you must treat your internet marketing business as a proper business.  That is how you succeed.

Look at any decent software development company or any company that provides good service. Do you think it’s a one man job? Or a two man job? Nope, they hire experts to work for them.

For the marketing department you need a marketing team, for the sales department you need a sales team, for the accounting department you need an accounting team etc…

Internet marketers need to manage their time if they want to succeed online. They need to outsource using the cheapest way they can. After they have some success, then they can hire more talented people to help them. But you must outsource with an internet marketing business.

If money is a problem and you are new to outsourcing, you should list out the tasks which you are poor at and also the tasks which are taking most of your time. Then go to forums and ask around for recommendations on outsourcing. Try to get the job done by someone better than yourself and free up your time.

For me, I’m crap at graphics. That’s why I choose Anthony Fesalbon of HyperCover and Dee Ferdinand of MiniSiteGuru to help me to my graphics on the sales page.

If you really hate writing, then outsource it. Get someone to blog for you, or write articles for you. Though I recommend this is one task that you should get good at yourself.

For setting up websites, paypal buttons, camtasia videos and any other task which will take you ages to do, outsource it. The people will do it better than you and quicker than you.

time management

So what should your task be?

1. You should be training up the outsource individual or team which you hired and make sure they do the tasks properly and up to your standards.

2. You should be monitoring the sales and notice any spikes or declines and continuously improve things.

3. You should be creating relationships with other people in your niche and exchange ideas or do joint ventures.

4. You should be controlling the expenses in your business and think of ways to keep costs down while not affecting quality.

5. You should be look out for new opportunities for your business to expand.

6. You should be thinking of new products to create and how to sell more of your existing products.

7. You should be thinking of ways to improve your customers’ experience

Look at all the points above. Does any of them require technical work? Zilch.

But let’s say you’re good at doing graphic headers, ebook covers, overall website designs. Should you be doing it?

The answer is no. Your time should be spent on the above tasks. A business owner should not do his own graphic designs. He should spend his time on increasing sales and taking care of his business which he cannot outsource.

You can hire a mentor for a few months, but you cannot outsource your job as an owner. No one cares about your business as much as you.

“But hey, it’s easy to say but I have no bloody money to outsource.”

Then you should think about putting most of your income back into your business. I’m not saying you need to outsource all at once. Just do it gradually.

The main thing is to think about your business like a real business. You need to hire people to work for you gradually. At first you’ll have no personal time as you’re training task and also doing all the business tasks yourself. But know what your goal is at the end. Become the owner of your business and leverage off the expertise of other people. You’re building a business.

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