Ghostwriting Services – Ghostwriter Offers A Complete Ghostwritten Business-In-A-Box

ghostwriting servicesGhostwriting has always been one of my strong points. I can do detailed research and write in good English quickly. Essential qualities for a ghostwriter.

I have never considered ghostwriting as a business until the beginning of October, when I spoke with Bev Clement, a professional ghostwriter from the UK.

She knew what my strengths were and gave me suggestions on the possibility of turning that skill into a business. I was thinking about her suggestion and decided to go ahead, considering Bev knows what she’s talking about.

I decided to make a presence in this field.

A week later, I released a special offer to a forum of internet marketers where I offered my ghostwriting services. However, I wanted to make the offer special and decided to throw in a few extras.

My special offer which was posted on October 15th, included:

  • a custom written 20 page information product (~5,000 words)
  • a professional formatted mini-site (header graphics, footer,  ebook cover and order button)
  • a video squeeze page (a video with an opt-in form to capture email addresses)
  • 7 follow up emails (autoresponder messages)
  • a short-copy web sales letter
  • and installation of all the above on your website

All this was offered at $297. No I haven’t gone mad. I just wanted to test out my idea and collect some testimonials.

Well the offer was limited to 10 people but it was sold out within 5 hours. I was very pleased.

I increased the price to $377 for 5 more people, and that sold out as well.

Good cash, but now the work.

What followed was a month of pure, concentrated hard work. I was working 5 days a week for 8 hours and sometimes on a Saturday. I was drowning with requests.

Receiving the feedback from the customers was uplifting. They seemed very pleased with the quality of work I produced.

So What Did I Learn From My Ghostwriting Experience?

1. People were not that concerned about the time line. They were more concerned about the quality of the content delivered.

2. I can manage to ghostwrite a complete turnkey system for 15 clients in a month. Although I will not offer that many services with the package anymore.

3. The video squeeze page and autoresponders were bonuses which took up a lot of my time (they need to be taken out)

4. The personal installation was not needed by most people. I will also take this out this service.

5. I’ve learned so many things from researching the niches. I felt so knowledgeable after a month.

6. People will pay for quality ghostwriting. I just sold 2 packages after I marked up the price and offering less.

7. Ghostwriting does not have to be about writing cheap articles at $4 each. The market will pay you more if you can deliver quality.

Overall, I am overjoyed with this new business model I have. I get paid good money for it and it’s something that I can do well.

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