Getting a New Website Listed in the Search Engines


When you’re starting out with a new website, the hardest part is to get that surge of traffic going - unless of course you’re already well established and just announce it to your list. Here’s what you need to do if you’re building a new website.

The first step in any search engine optimization that you may be doing on your website is actually to get the website listed in the search engines in the first place.

There are several different ways that you can do this but some of them are more effective than others.  There may also be some ways that you can acquire these listings in the search engines that may attract some attention to your website that may not be welcome.

Allow me to explain that this is especially the case if you’re uncomfortable with some of the content and how well it will be received by the search engines themselves.  Of course, the process of getting listed in the search engines is relatively simple at its most basic level.

All that is really needed is a link or two from another website in order for the search engine bots to follow that link into your site and begin spidering it. For the newbies out there, search engine bots are programs from the search engines which searches around your website and then update the content to their database. That’s how you see all these search results in Google, Yahoo, MSN etc…

The better the link that you receive, the faster you will be spidered and the more favor you will be shown by the search engines in general.  If you have a link from a website that is spidered daily then it’s very likely that your website will appear in the search engines within 24 hours. This is why many people pay for a text link on established websites so that they are spidererd and also hopefully get some diverted traffic.

One of the easiest ways to acquire these links is by writing an article and then posting a link back to your site in the biography. In article marketing terms, this is called a ‘Resource Box’.

You would then submit it to the article directories.  You may also want to do a little bit of social bookmarking or perhaps pinging your website through a ping service, such as

seoAnother easy way for you to get listed in the Google search engine is to use a Google sitemap.  This is a free service that is available through Google itself and is there to help new websites to be spidered and for them to be re-spidered on a regular basis to check for new content.

Some people are uncomfortable with using this particular method but if your website is squeaky clean, you have nothing to lose by trying this.  If you’re uncomfortable with part of your website due to content or perhaps stepping outside of the Webmaster guidelines, avoid using a Google site map and try getting links instead as I mentioned above.

Getting your website listed in the major search engines is only the first part of the battle.  From that point forward, you will be acquiring new links and working on optimizing your website in order to rank well for your chosen keywords.  It’s a process that never really ends but the rewards can pay off in a very large way.

For me regarding SEO,  I only do what is needed. I optimise the title tags, link internally and get some external incoming links. After that I concentrate on content and building my list.

The reason being that search engine optimisation is important but their algorithms change so much. It’s a never ending battle trying to SEO your website. Therefore I just concentrate on writing good content and getting articles distributed, building my list, and networking with others.

I’m not saying SEO is not important. It is but you have to spend so much time on it consistently – this includes studying, implementing and testing.

To conclude, get your website listed on the search engines, do the minimal SEO on your website and start adding more content to it. The more content you have, the more chances you have of appearing on the search engines.

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