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blogsSome readers have voiced that they are interested in what blogs I read. Well, I’m an internet marketer and I’m very focused when I work. I believe that if you’re in a business to succeed, you have to go at it full throttle. That’ s why all the blogs I read are on internet marketing.

Some here are my Google bookmarks of blogs I regularly read.

1. David Garfinkel

2. Michel Fortin

3. Underground Confessions Of An Internet Marketin…

4. CopyBlogger

5. Frank Kern’s Mass Control Blog

6. Michael Masterson’s Blog


8. Perry Marshall

9. John Carlton’s Big Damn Blog

10. DTAlpha Talkback

11. Internet Marketing Company Blog

12. Internet Business Coaching by Terry Dean

13. Willie Crawford

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t read all these blogs daily. Whenever I have spare time, I just visit one of the [tag-self]blogs[/tag-self] and spend around 15 minutes readying them. Some of them I don’t visit for 2 -3 weeks.

What does this list tell you?

1. The blogs are updated regularly. I personally want to read the latest on what they have to write about. Is your blog updated everyday?

2. Read some of the posts on each blog. Notice the quality of their posts and how they write.

3. Look at the blog themes. Ask yourself which one you particularly like and get one for yourself.

4. You can go deeper by looking at the blogs they link to. Ask yourself why are they linking to those blogs.

5. The lengths of their posts. Not all the posts are long. But if you notice they don’t put crap on their blogs.

6. Look at what plugins they have installed. These are successful marketers. Imitate them.

Now go and study from the best.


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