An Online Business Model You Can Setup Now

business modelAbout an hour of my day is spent visiting forums and blogs reading up on people’s problems and of course tips from other experienced marketers.

One of the things I noticed is that a lot of people don’t have a business model. They have lots of ideas of how to make money online such as clickbank, adwords, traffic exchange programs etc… but they use it as a money making technique.

They make some sales and that’s it. They move on to the next technique. What the successful online marketers do is they build a list and then market to this list continuously. Guess what? Everyone who reads forums or have bought any online course will have heard that.

Yup. Actually they get peed off whenever someone talks about the obvious “the money is in the list”. But I’ve noticed that these people have been complaining about their lack of success online and have still not started to build their list.

The majority have one time or another, built their list but have not stuck to it. They have sent out a few newsletters and have received no income from their recommendations and have given up on the whole thing.

These are the ones that have then started to branch off to other things such as driving adwords traffic to affiliate programs, bum marketing, social networking etc…

Here is a basic business model which every successful online entrpreneur uses to build their business and it works. If you still haven’t succeeded online yet, then I BEG you to start your business now using this business model I am about to tell you.

What I’m about to say is nothing new. But the successful gurus have the same model and they stick to it and have made a fortune from it. There is no way it won’t work for you if it works for everyone else.

Have some patience, give it some elbow grease and continuously work this business model. You cannot fail.

The Online Business Model All Successful Internet Marketers Have

1. Create free content.
You can create a video of yourself drawing something in photoshop, using social bookmarking to generate visitors to your website or writing a 20 page ebook on a certain topic.

This free content needs to be good. It needs to be something which will make your readers think, “Wow, why isn’t this guy selling this sort of stuff?”

free content

Yes, blow their minds with the great content you have. You can create this content by studying forums, blogs and other ebooks on the same topic and then write them in your own words.

Your content is ready when you being to say to yourself “Shit! I should be selling this. Not giving it away free!”

2. Create an optin page.
Now that you’ve got your excellent content ready you need to create your optin page.

You optin page should ask people to subscribe to your newsletter and thus getting your free content as a bonus for signing up.

List out the benefits of your content and then create an subscription form using a good autoresponder service.

The autoresponder which I recommend in all my communications is Aweber. Excellent features and most important of all, has good rate of deliverability. You want those emails arriving at your subscribers’ inbox.

3. Create your autoresponder series.
Now you need to create a series of emails to be delivered to your prospect. About 30 days of content is good enough.

With your emails, you should continue to deliver good content to your subscribers. Occassionally reminding them to download your free ebook if they haven’t done so.

Your emails can be a 10 part lesson or something similiar. The point of this series is to build your relationship with your list.

The more good content you provide to the list, the more they will trust you and read your emails.

4. Promotion
You can now start to promote to your list of subscribers. Tell them a good product which you have used. Tell them how you have used it and then give them your affiliate link.

I would recommend you send a promotion every 2 weeks. During the gaps, send them interesting content which will help them in their online business.

5. Continously to drive traffic to your optin page.
Your business model is now set. All you need to do now is to coninuously drive traffic to your optin page to create more subscribers and build your list.

Once you have a good number of subscribers (eg. 1000) you can begin to have some money rolling in if you have treated your subscribers right.

That is the business model which all successful internet marketers use.
Why doesn’t it work for some people?


I can think of 3 reasons why this business model doesn’t work for a lot of people.

1. Not enough time to see the result
It can take over a month before you are able to see any affiliate income from your list. Once people send out promotions to the list and they don’t see the $$$, they immediatley stop emailing their list and do something else.

2. Relationship building is wrongly done
Before your list will buy the products you recommend, you need to build up the relationship with them. Continue to send them information that they can make use of and treat them well. Many people just send out promotion after promotion, expecting the sales to pour in without any relationship building. Ask yourself with every email, “Will my subscribers be happy to receive this email I send them?”

3. No contact with the subscribers for a long time
You probably don’t email to your list as often as you should be. Emailing your list once a month will kill the responsiveness of your list. You need to continuously stay in contact with your list. However this doesn’t mean emailing them daily. Once every 3 or 4 days or once a week is good enough.

4. Being boring
If your communication to your list is boring then not many people are going to read your emails the next time they see it in their inbox. You need to be interesting, sincere and helpful to your subscribers. Achieve all of those qualities then they’ll read your email for years.

5. Not adding new subscribers
Once your system is developed then you need to regularly drive traffic to your optin page. The more leads you have then the more money you will have. By this I don’t mean add more leads by buying co-reg lists. I mean add more leads by advertising your website and getting targeted leads such as pay per click, search engine traffic, writing articles, traffic exchanges, free viral reports etc… You need targeted leads.

The bigger your subscriber list is, then the more money you will make provided that you treat your list properly.

If you haven’t been able to make this business model work for you, then ask yourself if any of the 5 points above apply to you. This is the blueprint to online success. It has been proven to work. Why shouldn’t it work for you? Now go and start building your online business.


  1. Hi Dee,

    Nice website you’ve got there. I was going to launch a Parenting site myself but decided to concentrate on internet marketing. I might as well be good at one thing before doing the next.

  2. I saw this on traffic beast. will keep coming back.


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