7 Tips For Your Business Card To Make An Outstanding Impression

business cardOne of the things not discussed much in internet marketing is your [tag-tec]business card[/tag-tec].

There are stacks of information on pay per clicks, search engine optimization, article marketing, social marketing, product launch formulas etc…but none on business cards (an opportunity for someone to create an ebook on this?)

Here are some insights from my own [tag-tec]split testing[/tag-tec]. Yes, I’ve split tested my business cards since I only order 50 cards every time. I have attended quite a few IT and Business seminars (not related to [tag-tec]internet marketing[/tag-tec]) so I get the opportunity to split test.

Business Card Essentials

1. Having a too colorful business card will make you look unprofessional. I’ve seen people smirk behind the other person’s back, apparently they think the business card looks like a comic cover.

Generally people like business cards with 3 colors at most. And preferably not showing any cheesy pictures.

Examples of cheesy pictures on name cards include money falling from the sky, a ferrari, a big house etc… They may work online in sales letters but not when you’re attending seminars with offline business owners.

2. You must have a tagline on your name card. Your companies’ name such as Online Marketing Experts Limited is good for reminding the person what you do. However, nothing beats a great tagline.

A beneficial tagline such as “Helping Your Business Increase Online Sales” will make you stand out more.

3. There are 5 contact details to put on your business card.

– Mobile/Cell Number (with a country code – gives the impression you’re dealing a lot with oversea clients)

– Your email address with your own domain. Please don’t put a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account if you want to be taken seriously.

– Your website’s URL (Have it hosted on free webhosting if you want to be a laughing stock)

– Skype ID (Again, makes your business look international)

– Office/Home Address

4. From my experience it’s not wise to put your own picture on the business card. It makes you look like an insurance agent also people will think you love yourself. Actually women can get away with this. But not men.

5. Use the back of your name card!!! I’ve seen so many people leaving the back of their name cards blank and it’s like throwing opportunities away.

On the back of your name card, list out your marketing services. eg. copywriting, search engine optimization, coaching etc… People will be more interested with your company after understanding what services you provide.

Remember after you’ve had a quick chat with the person, they’ll stick your name card in their pockets and will read it later. Sometimes maybe 1 or 2 weeks later. Don’t expect them to remember what you told them when you gave out your business card.

6. There are some clever designs out there, that will make people take note of your card. These include metal cards, cards with irregular shape or cards with holes in them. They do make people start at your card more.

However, you have to be careful. Being too creative will make you look stylish but unprofessional (some people think like this but not everyone). So to be on the safe side, have a normal looking card with a maximum of 3 colors.

7. And finally, at the bottom of your card, have something like “Download a free report on how to get more targeted visitors at http://www.trafficbeast.com/newsletter “. When people visit that certain link on your website, show a squeeze page to have them opt in to download the report.

This is a must. It’s amazing how many leads you can pick up this way and follow up with your autoresponder.

Even if people have interest with your services, they won’t contact you. In time they’ll forget about you. So get them on your list!

With your report, tell them how to do certain things that will benefit their business. Then at the end of the report, tell them that they can outsource this type of work to your company. Cool eh?

So how do I know these type of stuff work?

Because I ask a lot of people’s comments after the seminars. I remember once going out for a drink with a bunch of friends after a big IT seminar where I took out all the business cards and I started to criticize them.

No persuasion was needed – everyone jumped in and gave their comments.

Just before I go, I wanted to tell you that I installed a cool plugin for my blog that will benefit people who comment on my blog. Check it out!

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  1. To be honest, the best business cards are the ones that aren’t the sterotypical white background with black text printed onto them, using your business colour scheme and applying it to your business card enforces branding and sticks on people’s mind better than the typical cards do.


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