Internet Marketing Coach – Is It Worth Hiring One?

internet marketing coachInternet marketing coach – You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought about it…is it really worth hiring one?

There are a ton of ways to learn Internet marketing. You can learn from ebooks, videos, audios, membership sitesĀ  and of course, getting yourself an Internet marketing coach.

This internet marketing expert can coach you over the phone, through a membership site and you can even visit his home office.

It goes without saying that the more personal the coaching is, the more expensive the Internet marketing coach’s fee is.

But is it really worth hiring an internet marketing coach to turn your business around and start watching the profits flood in which you’ve often heard about people bragging in their salesletters?

Let’s see how an Internet marketing coach can actually help you.

Internet Marketing Coach – Getting You Focused

If you’re new to internet marketing and you haven’t made much money with your efforts, having an Internet marketing coach can quickly improve things for you.

The problem with learning from ebooks and videos is that there is so much to learn, you’ll have information overload.

You’ll stay still and won’t do anything on your business because you don’t know where to start and who’s advice to trust.

This is where hiring an Internet marketing coach will really make a difference.

He’ll tell you what works in the real world and will share his experiences with you.

Here’s an example of how an Internet marketing coach can save you time, money and frustration, and put you on the quick path to success.

You’ve just bought an ebook on article marketing and have read it twice.

You’re excited with the information and decided you want to focus on writing articles every day so that you can consistently generate targeted traffic to your websites.

After spending weeks buying other article writing courses, nosing around on forums and reading related blogs on the same topic, you’re determined to give it your best shot!!!

After 2 or 3 weeks, your passion for the technique dies. You’re not getting much traffic, your websites have not improved in search engine rankings and you find it too time consuming to write articles and manually distribute each one to the article directories.

You give up on article marketing after spending $100 on information products and wasting one and half months of your time.

Oh…and you’re also frustrated like hell with marketing online and you’re off to search for the next technique which will hopefully work for you.

Hiring An Internet Marketing Coach – The Benefits!

You spend $500 to learn article marketing from an Internet marketing coach which you hired. He shows you how to write an article step by step and then tells you to write one for him to review.

You spend 3 days consuming the training, totally believing in what the Internet marketing coach tells you. You find that you’re more focused with your work as you begin to have faith in what you’re doing.

When your Internet marketing coach looks at your article, he tells you immediately that your title and your resource box sucks. Your article won’t have a chance to rank on the search engines and no one will click on the link in your resource box to visit your website.

You realize that you cocked up and immediately fix the article.

Then your Internet marketing coach teaches you where to manually submit your article to and when to use software to distribute your articles.

All this has taken 5 days of your time. After 10 days of writing and distributing articles the right way, you start to notice new subscribers being added to your list and more visitors to your website.

You start grinning and believe that this Internet marketing crap is not so hard after all! Now that you have an Internet marketing coach, it’s going to be like a stroll in the park.


stroll in the park

Internet Marketing Coach – Compare the difference

So after spending $500 and 15 days, you fully understand article marketing and are starting to see results. You’re attracting new subscribers, more visitors and may even make some sales.

Ideas are starting to go off like fireworks in your head as you realize the potential of outsourcing this and produce 10 articles per day. This is officially the end of your traffic problem and the beginning of your traffic generating powerhouse.

Compare This To…

After spending $100 on information products, and one and a half months on reading and implementing the information, you decide that article marketing doesn’t work.

You’re really disappointed and are back to square one – You’re still looking for a good method on how to generate traffic.

You’ve lost $100 but most importantly, you’ve lost one and a half months of your life.

So is it worth hiring an Internet marketing coach?

Would you rather spend $500 and 15 days of your life and start seeing some exciting results…
Or spend $100 and one and a half months, and not get anywhere.

The point is…an Internet marketing coach can help you piece together the puzzle and help you succeed quickly. But you have to be ready to give it your 100%, listen exactly to what he tells you and…take action.

You need to implement what you’re taught and monitor your results.

Believe it or not, taking action is the hardest part with hiring an Internet Marketing Coach. That’s right. The problem is with you and not your Internet marketing coach.

If you don’t take action with the information, having a whole team of experts coaching you won’t help a single bit.

This why programs like this are so popular…Internet Marketing Coach.



  1. Cheng, I’m agree with you, I have a lot of coaches, and I focus on only one coach, and at the same time all benefited from their experience

  2. now i am joining 2 coachs of 2 internet marketers in my country. so that bring me more exp

  3. I agree, Alan, there’s nothing like a good coach. Doesn’t matter what it is you’re trying to learn in life. When it comes to internet marketing, there’s just too much information out there, too many variables and, of course, potential for costly mistakes. While hiring a coach is more expensive, it’s cheaper in the long run. Whether you do it yourself or hire a coach, it still comes to ACTION. That said, having a good coach alongside you, someone who can inspire action in a newbie is a blessing.

    • Exactly. Without ACTION you might as well save the money and do something better…such as go on vacation šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Alan,

    There are definitely benefits for hiring a coach for those who can afford the services. Many new marketers are not yet at that point and often must exchange their time for ebooks and other courses. Hopefully the will fare better than the ones described here!


    • Hi Stacy,

      Hiring a coach will just help the person achieve his goals faster. New marketers will need a while before they see the value of coaching.

  5. I have been able to grow my business by heap because I’ve hired a coach that i work with. My coach teaches me new strategies and holds me accountable to taking action in my business.
    When am blocked i have someone to call. By working with a coach am also assigned to a mastermind group too. We help keep each other motivated.

    So I will definitely testified to the fact that it good to hire a coach to work with us in out business and life.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Great to hear you’re doing well Joyce. And most importantly, good to know that you are profiting from the value of your coaching.

  6. Alan some people may think I’m biased as I’m a mentor myself but I believe everyone needs a mentor/coach. So much so that I have one too.

    I find it funny when I hear people say “ah but I can’t afford one yet… just want to wait until I make x amount” the reality is that if they had a mentor/coach in the first place they would already be there…. šŸ™‚

    • Hi Lilach,

      Yes I couldn’t afford a mentor a few years ago either. But when I did get a mentor, I made a huge difference to my business.

      The day I stop having a coach is the day I retire my business.

  7. Hi Alan,

    I think anyone would like to have a specialist tell them how to market their products. But all their help would go for nothing if the product was worthless and the person was less than honorable. Since most internet marketers haven’t got a big name or brand like Walmart or Amazon, building a network of people who trust YOU is the first step. Hopefully, you have enough time and patience to accomplish the task.


    • I totally agree. If the product and the person aren’t good, then nothing can save the business.

  8. Hi Alan,
    Having a mentor or a marketing coach can really keep you motivated and focused which is the most important factor of a succesful online marketer but I am not sure if everyone can afford to hire one…

    • Hi Kostas,

      Definitely. Having a coach is not for everyone. You need to be ready for it…mentally and financially.