Article Marketing: How To Write An Article For Targeted Traffic

article marketingArticle marketing is one of the most popular methods internet marketers use to generate traffic to their blogs.

If you visit any internet marketing forum and see a topic on article marketing, you’re almost guaranteed that there will be a ton of replies.

Sadly, many article writers are doing it wrong as they focus on the task and not the end result…

In general, marketers will write an article with a resource box about their business, submit it to an article directory and move on to the next article.

This is not how you do article marketing.

The majority of marketers are doing it blindly.

They’re writing articles daily, believing they will get results because everyone else says so.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to write an article properly, so that you’ll generate traffic from it and avoid the article marketing mistakes.

Article Marketing – Objective

article marketing objectivesFirst, you need to understand the objective of writing articles.

The objective of article marketing is to generate targeted traffic to your website, so that you can make sales. This is achieved by a reader clicking on the link in your resource box.

If that’s not your objective, then you can stop reading this article…now.

The best place to generate traffic with article marketing, is your squeeze page so that you can follow up with your readers to promote your offers and build a relationship with them.

The place to insert a link to your sign up/squeeze page, is in the author’s resource box.

Your end goal, therefore, is to get readers to read your article, click on the link to your squeeze page and sign up to your list.

Before you start writing an article, remind yourself of this goal. It will make a huge difference in how well your article converts the readers to subscribers.

So if you think you’ve written a brilliant article, but it doesn’t get you any visitors/subscribers/sales, then the article is useless.

Hope everyone agrees with me so far.

Here’s an article marketing checklist on how to write that will help you generate targeted traffic to your website.

7 Steps In Using Article Marketing For Traffic

1. Keyword Research First

keyword researchWhen you have an idea of what to write about, your next step is to do your keyword research.

You need to choose keywords which are being searched by your market and don’t have too much competition.

For example, if the keyword you’ve chosen gets over a thousand searches every month, but the ten listings on the first page are dominated by authority sites such as Wikipedia, and authority blogs with a high Page Rank, then that’s too competitive for you.

Success with article marketing depends a lot on keyword research.

Beating these sites to rank on page one of the search engine listings will be a very hard task.

So choose keywords where the top ten listings include weak websites. This will give you a good chance to beat them and rank on the first page.

An example of a weak listing, is a website that has low page rank and few backlinks. A great target to use article marketing.

Getting your post found on the search engines’ first page will do wonders for traffic (duh!). So do the best you can by researching the keywords you want to rank for before you begin writing the article.

2. The title

Spend a lot of time when deciding the title for your article.

It should contain your keyword for SEO purposes and also make the visitor want to click on it to read your content.

e.g. The title “The benefits of article marketing in promoting your website” will not be as good as “10 article marketing strategies to drive a ton traffic to your business“.

A title that is boring will not get read.

It doesn’t matter if you’re listed on the first page of Google or at the top of an article directory. If the title is boring and the reader doesn’t think that there’s a benefit to reading the article, then your article is going to fail.

Think about newspaper and magazine headlines. The editor spends a lot of time in coming up with a great title because he or she knows that it’s very important in making readers buy the newspaper or magazine.

How many times have you bought a magazine just based on the title? You just can’t resist not reading what the title promises.

3. Opening With A Blast

Your first paragraph in the article, should create excitement for the reader so that he wants to read more.

It’s like a TV series. The opening first few minutes will make the viewer decide whether he wants to continue watching it or not.

So build excitement, make your readers curious and wanting to read the rest of the article.

When you’re writing the first few sentences, tell the readers what you’re about to tell them and how it can benefit them. This is a proven formula to get your readers looking forward to read the rest of your article.

4. Educate With Your Article

Now that the person is reading your article, you need to give him the feeling that you’re teaching him something useful.

Give some facts and give the reader some instructions to act on.

The majority of people go online for information. They’re searching for a solution to their problem.

If your article can give the reader some sort of a solution, he’ll thank you for it.

If a woman is searching online to find a cure to stop her child coughing at night, and your article recommends some methods that she can try out, she’ll read it carefully and will probably even print it out.

It is very likely that she will want to know who the author is and sign up from the squeeze page if there is a free offer that can further help her child.

However, if your article waffles about coughing in general and doesn’t really help her situation much, she’ll leave from your article and will continue to search elsewhere.

Once your readers find your article useful, they will trust you as an expert and like you.

And of course, when a person trusts and like you, he’s more likely to buy from you.

5. Entertain Your Readers

entertain readerAs well as teaching your readers on how to do stuff, you also need to entertain them during the process.

Educating your readers in the article is not enough. You need to make the learning interesting, funny or exciting.

Entertain your readers so that they will stay interested to know what your article is about. Without entertainment, your readers are less likely to read to the end.

If teachers in schools knew this, students’ grades would vastly improve.

To entertain your readers, write like you’re speaking to them one on one.

Use a lot of paragraphs in your article to break up the content and don’t use long words that not many people understand.

You can also make the article more pleasant to read by putting in bullet points and sub headlines.

Of course, if you’re a funny person, throw in an occasional joke to liven things up.

6. Your Conclusion

When you conclude your article, tell the readers what you have taught and how they can benefit from the information.

What you’re doing is reminding them how you have helped them with your information. This will put you on their good books 🙂

Your objective is to end their reading with a good impression of you.

In the last one or two sentences, tell the readers what their next steps are.

For example, “now that you know why Macs are better than PCs, go to your nearest Apple store to get your Mac now.”

This last sentence is very important because it increases the chances of the person clicking on the link in your resource box.

Let me explain.

7. Your Resource Box.

author resource boxWhen you are doing article marketing, never start your resource box explaining who you are and what your company does.

No one gives a toss.

All they care about are themselves. So keep your ego out of the resource box.

Lots of authors love to start their resource box with something like this:

“Alan Cheng is a well respected internet marketing author, who has written many bestsellers such as Article Marketing Strategies and Strategic Blog Traffic. He was educated in the UK and you can check out his website at……”

The first few words of this resource box already has the reader closing the browser window because it signals the end of the article. This is why a lot of resource boxes don’t have many readers clicking on the links inside.

And of course, this is why I keep saying that article marketing does not generate traffic for many marketers.

Since you’ve ended the article by telling the readers what to do next, your resource box should help them take the action.

So going back to our Macintosh example, where the reader is instructed to check out a Mac at the Apple store, your resource box should begin with something like this:

“Download the free report on how to choose the right Mac for a low price at [the URL of your squeeze page]. Alan Cheng is the author of…(blah, blah, blah)”

Do you see how the resource box flows smoothly from the article?

If the person has read the whole article, it is very likely that they will click on the link, go to your squeeze page and sign up for the report.

This is the best way to write a resource box because you’re getting targeted subscribers and you can also insert your self promotional sentences after mentioning the link to your squeeze page.

Your Article Marketing Goal

article marketing goalThis is how article marketing should be done. Remember that your aim is to write an article to generate traffic.

Just to recap…focus on keywords that you can rank for, an enticing title, good entertaining content, a recommendation of what the reader’s next logical step is and an irresistible call to action in your resource box.

Note: you can use this article to submit to other article directories, press release sites, as a guest post or on your own blog.

I would recommend putting the article on your own blog so that it can become an authority site in time on the web. Why give article directories your best content and not your blog?

Wouldn’t it be better to have all your top quality content on your own blog so that it can eventually become a huge, authority site?

This is what article marketing is really about. Don’t confuse submitting article to directories as the meaning of article marketing.

Now that you know how to effectively write an article for traffic, I would recommend you to to start a blog if you haven’t already got one.

Use it to showcase your best content so that you can attract targeted traffic, guide them to checkout your products/services and make some serious money.

Installing a blog on your own domain is one of the best things you can do to increase sales.

You can get access to some excellent video tutorials on how to design, monetize and generate traffic to a blog at strategic blog traffic.


  1. Hi Allen, this is a great article. Writing quality articles is definitley a skill that any internet marketer should aquire.

    Do yo recommend publishing your article on your own site and waiting for it to be indexed before submitting it to the article directories? I’ve heard that this is recommended by many article marketers to get the maximum benefits from their content. What’s your take on this?


    • Thanks for your kind comments Daniel.

      Actually I only put original content on my blog now. For publishing on other article directories, I will quickly re-write a shortened version with a backlink to my post.

      I use article directories mainly for backlinks to my posts now.

  2. Hi Alan,

    Great post! I completely agree with your conclusions. What is the point of writing an article that you think is great, but it does not get you traffic. Which is the ultimate goal.

    Your 7 steps will really help people get the most out of their articles.

    Thanks for sharing Alan and have a great day!

  3. Alan,

    Early on in the article you mentioned that the purpose of doing article marketing is to generate traffic for your website. I think most people use it for SEO links more so than traffic. You don’t agree apparently?

    I use it for both actually. The way that I want to use an article would determine where I publish it and the type of article it is. It would be interesting to get your thoughts about that.

    • Hi Ted,

      Building backlinks is just a way to generate traffic to your website.

      Personally, like you, I write articles to generate traffic directly from articles and from the backlinks to improve my main website.

      Thanks for your comments.


  4. Hi Alan,

    You’ve done a good work of explaining the real work that goes into writing a successful article for submission.

    I’m not sure if I’ve made any comment on this blog before but it looks like you’re putting in REAL ENERGY into this blog. Please keep it up.

    Have A Lovely Day!
    Emmanuel Olonade

  5. Hi Stacy,

    Happy to know that my post has helped to remind of something important.

    I checked out your blog. You got some cool, inspiring articles there. If I wasn’t in the internet marketing niche, I’ll be writing for the personal development niche 🙂

  6. Hi Alan,

    I haven’t done anything with article marketing in a while so this is a good reminder that I need to get back in the game! Thank you for sharing your ideas about the resource box, I need to completely redo mine! Thanks again!


  7. Hi Alan,
    It’s great to meet you my friend:)
    I like your blog and brand: traffic beast.. he he, you certainly started to drive traffic like a beast. Congratulations for the Alexa rank.
    Article marketing is a powerful strategy.. I used it with my previous blog.. many rankings on the first page of google.
    Now I focus more on blogging and still, I use many of the techniques I learned in the past
    Great points about the resource box: lead with the benefits there, things that can help people solve their problem. An effective approach would be to use the resource box as a way to lead people to even more value: )

    Thanks for sharing your insights.
    Keep in touch,

    • Hi Radu,

      Nice to meet you too!

      Good to know that you’ve already done some article marketing previously. Yes, it’s a very powerful method in generating traffic, unfortunately it’s not one of those set and forget methods.

      Then again, apart from what I’ve read in hype-filled salesletters, there are no traffic generation methods that are set and forget.

  8. Hi Alan,

    First time here and I’m really enjoying your blog.

    Excellent stuff. Thanks for sharing this resourceful article. keep at it !!

  9. Hi Alan,

    Nice to meet you! Article marketing is a powerful way to build your existing MLM business. It is cheap, effective and helps in building valuable backlinks to your site.

    Thanks for sharing Alan

    all the best

  10. HI Alan – great to meet you. it seems you know a thing or two about a thing or two in the ‘writing’ department. Good for you.

    You know I always had decent response to my articles but have not written them in a while.

    with that said, I do plan to do more of it and I totally agree with that resource box tip of making the article flow further – spelling the clear steps to take rather than who the heck we are.

    If there is one tip that I took away… it has to have been that one.

    The who article was excellent though!



    • Jayne,

      Thanks for your kind comments.

      Yes, actually writing a good article is not rocket science. You just need to have a good intention which is to serve the reader better.

      Nice to meet you too!

  11. Thanks for sharing this article. I need to start writing more SEO articles to attract more traffic to my blog. Even though I haven’t really written SEO based articles for a long time, i need to start getting back to it.
    I normally just write straight from my heart.

    Thanks for sharing this tips. I will bookmark this post to future reference. Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad you liked the article Joyce.

      Writing a good article really does help with promoting your website.

      Sometimes I get a bit lazy too and neglect it 🙂

  12. I am going to be bookmarking this for future reference. This is incredibly informative, especially the step-by-step instructions.

  13. Hi Alan,

    Great info, I’m always inspired to act on good sound information, and you really get the point across with the way you have broken the process down into a science. Keep up the good work buddy!

    Seeking Your Success,

    David Canham
    Certified JV Broker
    JV Broker International

    • Hey buddy,

      Glad you liked the article. Hope you’re settled in with your new place.

  14. Thank you, Alan,
    the end of your post is actually, confirming my idea of posting articles in my blog instead submitting them to the ADs. I was writing and submitting articles for a long time and had very low traffic from them.
    My articles had hundreds of views, but less than 10% of people were interested to click the link to my site. I suppose many of these readers were using my unique articles to copy and paste some part of it in their spinning software.

    • Anatoly,

      Article marketing has not been that effective for me compared to when I first started out 5-6 years ago. Back then I could generate a ton of traffic to my sites 🙂

      I would recommend you to submit articles to directories to build backlinks to quality posts on your blog.

  15. Thanks Alan. Thoroughly enjoyed your post.

    I’ve bought a lot of ebooks on article marketing and your post is shorter and to the point. Loved the idea on leading visitors to click on the resource box.

    Well done.



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