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trackbacksIncrease web traffic to your blogs using a new software from Jack Humphrey of Authority Site Center. The latest software, TrackBoost will help you save time in making trackbacks.

Trackbacks are pings you make to a blogger’s website to tell them that you have talked and linked to them on your website. Normally, bloggers will approve these trackbacks and they will appear in their blogs’ comments section. This is an excellent way of building backlinks to your blogs.

The problem with trackbacks is that it takes a long time to do. Not many bloggers do this because they don’t have enough time and it’s a tedious chore.

TrackBoost was designed to save you time in making trackbacks and increase web traffic to your blogs. TrackBoost enables you to select the keywords you want and then the software brings up a list of blogs that have those keywords you can post trackbacks to. After reading the posts, you can select the ones you want to post a trackback to.

Once you’ve selected the related blog posts, you can paste the links on your blog and then publish it. Next, those related sites will receive a message telling them that someone has commented and linked to their blog. It’s very likely that they will approve of these comments.

Another feature of TrackBoost is that the software can monitor who has approved the comment and linked back to you.

This is a very powerful software which enables you to get backlinks from blogs on your niche. It will save you hours of time, improve your search engine rankings and receive targeted web traffic from other blogs.

The price of the software is $197 which is cheap considering it will increase web traffic to your website in the short term and long term.
You can see videos of the software at

However, if you join Jack’s Authority Site Center you’ll receive this software as a member. As I mentioned yesterday in my post, being a member of Authority Site Center you’ll get a blog built and hosted for you and training on how to publish blogs to bring targeted traffic. Read my initial review post of Authority Site Center here:

If you’re interested in TrackBoost, I would advise you to join Authority Site Center instead as it is cheaper and you get much, much value for the money you spend.

You can check out the Authority Site Center here

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