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start a blogStart a blog today to brand yourself, market your products and attract targeted visitors. Easier said than done especially if you have no technical experience in setting up blogs.

Today I launched a service, Blog Setup Service which provides [tag-tec]wordpress installation[/tag-tec] (the best blog platform on the market), configuration of essential plugins to rank well in search engines and attract visitors, PLUS training on how to blog properly.

Browsing around forums, I realised that a lot of people want to [tag-tec]start a blog[/tag-tec] but tend to go for the free web publishing tools such as blogsport and xanga and However, if the bloggers had a choice, they would prefer a blog on their own domain.

It’s much more cool to have a blog with your own domain and also your email addresses within your own domain. Additionally, your blog won’t be seen as something hosted free. It’s got its own individual place and that displays it as a more serious blog.

The problem most people come across when they start a blog is how to do it technically. I was surprised with the number of people who struggled with this and outsourced it to freelancers.

create a blog

Installing plugins, when setting up a blog, takes the most amount of time in the overall process. You have to know what plugins to install and do the right configurations for them. Read my previous post How To Make Money Online With Blogs for the types of plugins you need. (By the way, the list is in no way complete).

The pain when comes when you’re trying to install some plugins for newer versions of WordPress and you find that they are no longer compatible.

In summary, Blog Set Up Service provides:

– installation of the latest wordpress software on your domain
– configuration of many plugins which makes your blog rank well in the search engines, attract traffic and better user interaction
– web hosting for 1 year
– training on how to blog, immediately after receiving your new blog. Includes videos and manuals
– 1 month support of the new blog

If you are serious with blogging, you no longer have excuses for using free web publishing tools. Get your own domain and establish yourself as a serious blogger. Start a blog today at


  1. This is really excellent. Many of the best bloggers are not technologists. Getting rid of the techie stuff really makes it easy for people to get going quickly.

  2. Sometimes we forget how people feel about setting up techinical things like blogs, regardless of how easy we may think it is.

    Some people have a fear of it and some don’t want to bother, so outsource it.

    Personally, I think your service is a great idea and I wish you the best with it.

    Gregs last blog post..World of Warcraft Achievements

  3. This service would be very good to many people who are not good in technical details. Great !


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