Increase Traffic To Your Blog With 5 Plugins

increase traffic to your blogYou can increase traffic to your blog with plugins and without writing more or increasing your marketing. Sounds like a dream and too good to be true.

Hate to disappoint you but these 5 plugins which I’m about to tell you will increase traffic to your blog. I’ve tested them on some of my sites and they work well.

Just trust me with these recommendations and implement them. You can pay me later if you want πŸ™‚

If you want to increase traffic to your blog by spending as little as 30 minutes to install these plugins, then read on…

Increase Traffic To Your Blog With 5 Plugins

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This plugin has a testimonial by Matt Cutts. It’s nothing new. But it amazes me that many people have still not installed it on their blog.

If you have more than 5 posts on your blog, you should install this plugin right away. It will definitely help to increase traffic to your blog.

You may be wondering how installing this plugin can generate more traffic. Here’s the WHY:

– This plugin will provide your blog with internal links. Your new posts will have links to older posts on your blog. Search engines love internal links as you can see with the website ranking giant…

– Visitors will stay on your website longer. If a visitor likes your post, they will very likely read your related post section to see what other goodies you have.

I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve stayed on a blog for longer than I initially intended because one of their related posts caught my attention.

I personally think that search engines will rank your blog higher if visitors stay longer than usual.

If you owned Google, wouldn’t this be a metric that you would use to offer the best web pages to the users?

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin will increase traffic to your blog and it doesn’t require you to do anything extra other installing the plugin. Trust me on this.

2. SEO Smart Links

This plugin is brilliant, but again not many bloggers include it in their list of essential plugins.

SEO Smart Links will further improve your blog’s internal linking structure. When you write a post, this plugin will detect the keywords and phrases you have used and automatically link it to your older posts, pages, categories and tags.

By using this plugin with Related Posts, it will save you a lot of work thinking about what old posts to link to with the keywords on your post.

There is also a special feature where you can specify what keywords to use in your post, that will link to an external URL.

So if I was promoting a squeeze page for my new blogging product or an affiliate product, I would link the keywords “blogging”, “blogs”, “Increase traffic to your blog” to a URL.

When the reader clicks on the keywords, they will be shown the URL in a new window.

A cool plugin that will give you better search engine rankings and thus increase traffic to your blog.

3. WP Greet Box

This is a clever plugin that improves the user experience of your blog and thus makes the visitor stay on your blog longer than usual. It also encourages the visitor to share your posts.

As I mentioned before, the longer a visitor hangs around your blog, the better the impression the search engines will have of your website.

Furthermore, the longer a person reads your blog, Β the more chances of him becoming your fan and subscribe to your list and/or purchase your product.

WP Greet Box will post a message to new visitors depending on how they arrived on your blog, which you can customize.

So if they arrived on your blog by clicking on a Twitter link, you could show a custom message such as:

“Glad you found my link on Twitter. Please re-tweet this awesome post and let more people know about it”.

If they arrived on your blog by searching on Google, you could a custom message such as:

“As well as using Google, you can use the search box on this blog to find more cool info.”

Always think of ways of how you can make the new visitor stick around your blog longer and make them share your posts with their social networks.

4. W3 Total Cache

The role of this plugin is to increase the speed of your website. And yes, the speed of your website affects your search engine rankings and decreases the chances of a new visitor leaving your blog due to slow loading times.

Check out this post especially the last paragraph:

This is the most important part of the article:

We encourage you to start looking at your site’s speed (the tools above provide a great starting point) β€” not only to improve your ranking in search engines,

So it’s official then that Google considers the speed of your webpages when ranking websites.

What W3 Total Cache does is store parts of your website on CDN (Content Deliver Networks) such as Amazon and on the visitor’s browsers, so that the webpages load faster as everything does not need to be retrieved from the web server where the blog is hosted.

Check out the video on the plugin page and see a person improving the speed of their blog by 10 times!

This is the most complex plugin out of the 5 to set up, but it’s certainly worth it.

5. CommentLuv Premium

I managed to get a copy of this plugin during its beta launch for $20. It’s bloody awesome.

The owner, Andy Bailey has improved this plugin (originally called CommentLuv) by heaps.

In a nutshell, here’s what it does.

– encourages comments on your blog by allowing users to have their links become do follow after they make a number of approved comments (you can determine how many)

– users can insert a post from their blog into the comments as a link if they have a number of comments on your blog (or if they retweet about your post, Facebook Like your post or Goolge +1 your post)

This is a great feature as it encourages visitors to share your posts with their social networks.

– Has a spam control function which stops comment robots from spamming your blog

– Provides an anchor text link for commenters next to their name.

So if I wanted to promote my product on how to generate targeted traffic to a blog, the anchor text would look like this….

e.g. Alan Cheng from generate traffic to blog

People with SEO knowledge knows that anchor text is important in improving search engine rankings. You can provide this feature to commenters if they have 3 or more posts. This is an incentive for people to comment on your blog more.

And in case someone abuses this feature by having a long string of keywords as an anchor text, you can set a limit to how many keywords they can use.

CommentLuv Premium increases the number of comments on your blog, the interaction with your readers and gives you social proof. When new visitors see a lot comments for your posts, they will have a good impression of your blog, will want to read your posts and share them.

Summary of Increase Traffic To Your Blog

I hope that some of these plugins are new to you. They do work in generating more traffic and I’ve tested them myself.

I wouldn’t want to waste your time installing junk. Hopefully this is enough to persuade you to install these plugins.

If you have tested any plugins that will increase traffic to your blog, please share them in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Seb Lee-Delisle


  1. Hi Alan,

    Thank you very much for this information, I just installed 2, 3 and 4 and hope they help improve the success of my blog. Cheers!

  2. Yeah, I agree with them all but the greetbox. I just think that’s a little tacky. Just thought I’d let you know and always use comment luv, that thing is just badass.

    – Jamie

    • Hey Jamie. Interesting comment about GreetBox. You’re the second person who has told me that they didn’t like.

      As for CommentLuv, I’ve heard enough people telling me how much they love it πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Alan,

    Awesome list of plugins here. Definitely really effective ones. I’ve been using them for a while now and things are going great thanks to it! Thanks for sharing! Keep it up! πŸ˜€

    • Hey PJ. Thanks for the kudos. Happy to know things are going great for you.

  4. Hi Alan,
    Wow! You’ve certainly given us some cool plugins. I like it that you’ve also explained in detail how these plugins work. I’ve been getting the benefits of using CommentLuv. I think it’s awesome and I totally love it.
    I’ll be checking out the other plugins as well although not at the same time and I’ll be keeping those that work for me.
    Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a nice day!

    • Hi Theresa,

      Thanks for your kind comments. Yup, CommentLuv is certainly a great one. The Premium version is even better!

  5. Hey Alan,

    Isn’t CommentLuv Premium in beta right now?

    thanks for the list


    • Hi Akos,

      CommentLuv Premium is off the market right now. Actually a few months ago, Andy Bailey (the owner) offered it for free to some testers.

      Then it was sold for $20 (which I luckily bought).

      You can’t get a copy now as Andy is preparing for the launch. It should be released to the public sometime in mid-November.

  6. As driving traffic plugin, I think your left share-bar is one too. It lets others to share this post easily. It drives more traffic for sure.

    It’s awesome that you got the commentluv premium plugin for $20. I feel bad that I missed it.

  7. Thanks for sharing these plugins. No one doesn’t want more traffic to their site. I tried installing WP Greet Box on my site with no success. I think it now used for me theme. Have sent them an email to know what the problem is. Hopefully they will reply me with great response.

    Thanks once again.

    • WP Greet Box works nicely on a few of my blogs. I think you’re right. You’re just unlucky that it’s clashing with your theme.

      Best of luck!

  8. Thanks alot Alan..

    I have it bookmarked and will install those plugins asap


    • Nice to have you drop by Jack. Hope the plugins make an improvement to your traffic.

  9. Hi Alan,

    I really need to check out the SEO Smart Links plugin, I’ve never heard of that one! The others are also essential (though I don’t use the premium version of commentluv, I am very happy with the free version).

    Take care!

    • The free version of CommentLuv is great too. Actually, I’m trying to cut down on some of my plugins. Too many is not a good thing.

  10. This is great,Alan. So far I have wp greet box, but I do not have the rest. I heard about commentluv premium but I did not know it had all of those features. So, I will have to pay for commentluv premium? I can give out a 20.

    • Hi Tisha,

      Yes, CommentLuv Premium is a paid plugin.

      But I’m afraid you can’t buy it for $20 anymore. They are launching in the middle of November but I’m quite sure it will be more than $20.

  11. Hi Viviana,

    Yes and that’s why it’s worth increasing it using plugins like CommentLuv premium. Hope you find the plugins useful.

  12. Hi Alan, thank you for sharing tips to increase traffic with wordpress plugins. I will check them out. Blog commenting is one way to increase the website/blog rank and traffic too.

  13. I love WP plugin posts!

    I use the related posts plugin a lot but forgot about it. I think I’m going to add it to my site.

    I use the All in one SEO plugin for my SEO efforts. In addition to links it allows you to tune title tags and other meta data to help with your SEO efforts.

    • Hi Joe,

      We all need a reminder sometimes. Even great copywriters regularly practiced the basics in case they forgot something critical.

  14. Hey Alan,
    Nice list of plugins you have here:)
    I don’t have comment luv premium yet but it certainly does a great job for your blog in terms of engagement and relationships.
    As for the others, I installed the YARPP and after a few more researches Link Within was a better option. Basically it does the same thing with a difference: add the related post with pictures.
    Instead of Greet box I use now What would Seth Godin Do which has few better things: more specific message, you can set up a message for the first time visitors (offering a free gift) and then for those who return (asking to subscribe for the rss feed.
    W3 total Cache is definitely a great one for improving your blog’speed.
    As a final note, All In One SEO Pack, used wisely will drive more traffic to your blog from the search engines and also improve your Alexa rank.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions.

    • Hey Radu,

      Great recommendations! Link Within sounds awesome with the pics next to the posts.

      This is what’s cool when readers comment on posts. We all learn something .

  15. Hi Alan, good suggestions.

    I did have the ‘smart linking’ one on a niche site I own. Although as you say it is excellent the way it does it automatically, however I wondered if perhaps it wasn’t sending my readers off topic TOO much! I had links all over the place because I write on similar keywords a lot. (naturally with it being a niche site). I also wondered how effective it was as far as the ‘deep linking’ strategy goes.

    Because you are not actually typing in the code (within your post) ie: there is no link is it ‘really’ an effective link. in other words does Google see it as being a deep link?

    Do you know?

    I disabled it on my other site because I wondered if I wasn’t better just putting in an actual link that Google recognized.

    would be interested in knowing what you think.



    • Hi Jayne,

      What version are you using? There is a setting for max. no. of links so that your posts are not full of links.

      Deep linking is important and it keeps your old posts ‘fresh’.


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