Driving traffic by blog commenting

One of the best ways to drive traffic easily is by commenting on other people’s blogs. It doesn’t cost you anything to do this and it makes the owner of the blog notice you.

However, I’ve seen so many rubbish blog comments from people that are obviously commenting just to get a link to their website. They’re actually wasting their time.

They might as well not comment at all and start spamming people with emails.

The proper way to comment is to read or scan through the person’s post and give a comment which is related.  There are only 3 ways you can comment:

1. Agree with the poster

2. Disagree with the poster

3. Add more valuable information to the blog post

Crap comments such as the following will always be deleted.

“Great post. I totally agree”

“Interesting post. Do you mind if I link to your blog?”

“I don’t understand. Can you explain a bit more?”

“Great post. Check out my link for more information on this”

The best strategy if you have the time, is to visit a blog which is known to have a lot of traffic, and create a long comment giving valuable information.

This technique works but you need to give before you can receive.

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  1. I think people use these methods of commenting because they fail to actually read what the blogger is talking about. It would be wise to understand what you are reading and commenting accordingly to your interest.