Checklist For Blogging

bloggingHere’s a checklist I’ve made for my blog marketing activities. I find it useful going through this list every day during my blogging sessions. How many of these do you do?

Checklist For Blogging

1. Write two blogs posts if possible per day. One for today’s content, and one for later on incase I have writer’s block, I’m too busy or I don’t feel like it. Always plan ahead so that your blog is updated daily.

2. Re-read everything after writing your blog. There will always be the occasional mistake but keep these to a minimum. That is why I write ahead of my schedule. For any free time you have, re-read some of the blogs you’ve written ahead of schedule for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

3. Read websites such as Technorati, Sphinn or Digg. get ideas on what to write about and put these ideas on your notepad. If a topic is hot, plan to write about it in the near future.

4. Advertise your post. After you finished posting, spend time to advertise that post. Go to social sites and talk to people, mention it on forums, email your list and comment on other people’s blogs.

5. Make sure you commented on someone’s blog today. This drives targeted traffic to your blog and also builds relationships with your other peers.

6. Have you put any anchor text on your postings? Make sure you have at least one. Maybe pointing to your internal pages or to other blogs. Don’t worry about giving links to other quality blogs.

7. See if you can fit a joke into your post. No one likes reading boring crap. Fitting a joke in your post will raise interest.

8. Have you tagged your posts? Make sure you enter 2-3 keyword phrases for the tags. Places like Technorati will look at these tags to make their judgement on relevancy to topics.

9. Check the search engines to see if your post is indexed. If a particular has appeared to rank very well in the search engines find out why.

10. Look at your post. Does the appearance look boring? If so add some pictures to it. Or break it into smaller paragraphs. Add some sub heading to it. No one likes to read a blog like a novel on the internet.

Here is a post I did last month on Blogs that are worth bookmarking. Read and study. Learn from people who are succeeding.


  1. Hi Ruth,

    I have emailed you another copy of the ebook.
    Please let me know if you received it or not.

    Hope the ebook helps you in your marketing.

    Alan Cheng.

  2. Re: article marketing strategies I was printing it out and ran out of ink and did not know it. Although I was able to get just a few pages the rest did come out readable. Ma y I please have a second tr y I have changed my ink cartridge and now is working ok. Please let know when you have the time, if I may print again.
    Thank You
    Ruth Moody



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