Checklist For Blogging (Part 2)

bloggingThis “Top 10 [tag-tec]Blogging Checklist[/tag-tec]” is basically 10 things I tick off when posting to my blog. It keeps me organized and prevent mistakes. This is part 2 of the post which I originally created at


Top 10 Blogging Checklist

1. Any global news I can tie in to the post? Recent news are searched heavily so there’s more chance of your post being found.

2. Any related ideas from this particular blog post? If so, jot them down to remind myself for [tag-tec]blogging[/tag-tec] in future.

3. Any past posts on my blog that I can place a link to. This will improve internal linking.

4. Any ideas on articles I can write on that I can link to this post?

5. Know what keywords to use in the post. They should appear in the title, opening sentence and and of paragraph.

6. Check if the keywords are tagged. Check Technorati tag link.

7. Any way to improve the title of the post to make it more appealing?

8. Spell check & grammar check the final post.

9. Can the sentence on my “Optional Excerpt” be improved so that my RSS readers will click on it.

10. Use [tag-tec]Trackboost[/tag-tec] or Utility Poster to find blogs I can link to and comment on, to build back links.

11. (Sorry I can’t count) See if there are any opportunity to add humour to the post.

Using this checklist of 10 or 11 things, I can put my mind at rest for the day, at least for blogging.

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