How Important Keyword Research Is For Article Marketing?

keyword researchArticle Marketing is done by many people who ignore the keyword research part. The thought behind this is, the articles are distributed everywhere and our content will be seen by a lot of people. So as long as our content is good keyword research can be skipped.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Those will be the people who complain that article marketing does not work.

As a matter of fact, keyword research is essential for article marketing, websites and blogs. Basially all content that you put on the internet.

Content on the internet is being searched by the whole world via search engines. Everyone types in keywords of what they want to know in the search boxes and hopefully bring up relevant results to what they want to know.

The search engine brings up the search results based on the content of the webpages. So if you want to appear near the top of the search engines for particular words then you need to write articles that have those keywords in them. When the search engines see that you have the keywords in your content a few times along with other related keywords, they will consider your page relevant.

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So for [tag-tec]article marketing[/tag-tec], you must think beforehand which keywords you are trying to rank for, and try to optimize your article for those keywords. Your article is going to waste if you haven’t done any keyword research for it. No one is going to find it on the search engines. You’re missing out on potential traffic.

As I mentioned last week, Google has added a great feature to its keyword research tool. It now has search numbers for the previous month for keywords.

Based on these results, you can tell if the long tail keywords you are targeting for, actually do get searched by your market. This is what every successful internet marketers do before they publish articles, website content or blog posts. They target main keywords and long tail keywords and hopefully the search engine will rank high for them.

To read more about using keyword research tools, here is an excellent post by Linda Bustos of She goes into detail on how to effectively use Google’s research tool for your website. Great Stuff.

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