About Me

Hi there. It’s Alan Cheng here and I’m the owner of Traffic Beast. I’m a full time internet marketer based in Hong Kong.

I was born in the UK and earned a BSc (Hons) in computing from a university in Birmingham. I moved to Hong Kong in 1995 and for 13 years worked in the IT industry.

By the way I’m not nerd. I go out a lot, have fun, play poker, snooker, pool, the electric guitar and meet new friends.

I’m a very approachable guy and reply to the majority of my subscribers’ emails…unless they’re ridiculous 🙂

I studied internet marketing in my spare time while working in the 9-7  office job. I’ve had many mentors and quickly learned what was really needed to make money online.

In 2008, I launched a ghostwriting business from which I obtained a full-time income. As a result, I developed a number of close relationships with well-known internet marketers.

My products have been endorsed by several other internet marketers for their quality and for the integrity with which I conduct my businesses.

I’m happily married with a daughter and son which I spend most of my weekends with.

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