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willie crawford


Great job on Article Marketing Strategies.  You point out many of the subtler points that many people who attempt article marketing completely miss. It's obvious that you have been doing EFFECTIVE article marketing for a long time.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in using article marketing to generate more traffic, sales, and a strong brand, read Article Marketing Strategies.

Willie Crawford


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alan cheng

From the desk of Alan Cheng,

Now you know smart internet marketers use articles to increase their quality traffic at very little cost, I bet you're eager to get started.

Big mistake!

You see, many people hear about article marketing and give it a try by writing a few articles, send them to an article bank and then...


That's because there is science behind every successful activity from baking a cake to putting a man on the Moon. Get a good recipe and do what it says and success is pretty much guaranteed. But...

...just throw in any old ingredients and your cake will turn out either "ho hum" or a complete disaster!

So what you need is someone, like me, who is already a published article writer to take you by the hand and show you exactly how you too can quickly and easily turn out world class articles that people will rush to read and then rush even faster to your web site or blog to read even more of what you write.

So, to help you join that elite band of mega-effective article marketers, I've put down every dirty little secret I've invented or stolen from others in my new breakthrough book, "Article Marketing Strategies".


article marketing strategies

 Here's just a tiny taste of the secrets crammed into its 50 pages...
How to get at least 10,950 high quality visitors every single month (All it takes is as little as 45 minutes a day) Page 7.
Seven things NOT to do with your articles (Here's your fast-track to getting people to read everything you write) Page 10 - 13.
The secret of getting your articles found (And what you should avoid at all costs).  Page 15.
The Article Success Formula (This simple, three step process means your articles will virtually write themselves) Page 19.
How to become an "instant idea powerhouse" (Never again suffer writer's block) Page 20.
How to be sure your topic will attract the maximum number of readers (How to find a parade and get in front of it for an unstoppable traffic torrent!) Page 21
How to craft an eye-catching, throat-grabbing HOOK of an article title (Either you master this vital skill, or your article won't even get read) Page 23.
A sure fire way to create a compelling, cannot-resist resource box (Turn your readers into eager visitors!) Page 29 - 30
The secret way I get massive sign ups to my list (This simple technique is pure dynamite, yet hardly anyone else is using it!) Page 32.
The simple dirty secret I use to practically GUARANTEE an increase of 40% a reader will visit my web site (Adding these few extra words to your resource box will give you huge clickthrough rates!)
How to submit your articles for maximum exposure (And avoid the duplicate content problems) Page 40.
Two vital secrets of advertising your articles (Use these quick and easy tricks to get even more mileage out of each article) Page 43.
Harnessing the power of a press release (Discover how I harness press release power for great back-links and even more readers) Page 46.



Hi Alan,

I must say your book is excellent: nicely written and well laid out.

I particularly like the tip about getting on the 'most read' lists on Ezine Articles.

Well done!
Paul Hooper-Kelly



Dammit! I thought I had enough knowledge on Article Marketing until I read your report.

I like the way you present your information packed report and best of all, the methods are doable.

I can easily follow your guide to make my few sites
come alive and get more traffic and sales too.

You're nuts for giving this away for free!!!

Anthony Fesalbon

Let me read your mind...
I guess you're probably thinking: "Hey, Alan, this sounds great! But this is going to cost a whole chunk of cash, right?"
Not yet!
I'm currently writing a series of articles and press releases to launch this book for $37. But right now, I'm letting a few lucky early birds like you "steal" this book for nothing. You see, I'm hoping a few kind people will send me a nice testimonial I can show, when I come to sell the book.
So right now - and for a very short time only - I'm letting you "steal" this amazing,
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