backlink building serviceBacklink building service or backlink building software are hugely popular for several reasons:

- increase ranking of your main website in the search engine listings which means more traffic

- easy, set and forget system which requires minimum work

- can generate traffic directly from the backlinks

Who can refuse paying for a backlink building service, watching other people do the hard work and watch your website shoot up the rankings?

But the point is…your backlink building service can eliminate your website from the search engines quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Let me explain…

Backlink Building Service – Pleasing Google

pleasing googleLet’s not make things complicated. The reason people purchase a backlink building service is because Google which generates the majority of search engine traffic, highly favors websites that have many one-way backlinks.

So if you want to rank higher than your competition, you will need to have more backlinks (in general) than them. A backlink building service can provide you with that or you can do it manually.

This is straight forward enough but if your competitors have tens of thousands of backlinks it’s going to take you years to build backlinks manually to compete with them.

Now here’s where a backlink building service can come to your rescue.

Just pay for a service to generate thousands of backlinks per month and you’ll catch up with your competitors in no time. No work required from you either :-)

This is the magic bullet which everyone is looking for. But is it that easy?

Understanding Google and Building Backbinks

If it was as simple as that, then every Tom, Dick and Harry should purchase a backlink building software or pay for a backlink building service to see their website rocket up the search engine listings.

Sorry, but that’s not how the game is played. Google is the mother of all search engines because they focus on the users’ experience.

Their aim is to make all search engine listings relevant to the terms that are being searched for.

Heck, Google even bans Adwords accounts that spend thousands of dollars each month who don’t offer users a good experience with their ads! This is why finding squeeze pages on Adwords nowadays is rare.

So why should Google rank your website high in the search engine listings just because you have more backlinks than the rest of the websites?

Google’s Punishment?

backlink punishmentIf you try to manipulate your rankings on Google, you may have to pay the price!

This translates into…Google will ban your website from its search engine listings if they suspect you of using a backlink building service for your website.

This is one of the main reasons why so many website owners have been saying that backlink building software are scams and don’t work. Their websites are removed from the search engine listings after using the backlink building service.

This is especially the case if your website is newly registered.

The Solution

Fortunately there is a solution.

If you want to use backlink building services to increase your search engine rankings then don’t use them on your main website. Instead send them to third party sites which you own.

Examples include Squidoo lens, blog hosted at Blogger, HubPage, YouTube channel etc…

Do you see how sending one-way links to these well established websites is safe? Google is not going to ban Squidoo from the search engine listings because you sent a whole lot of links to a lens.

The cool thing is that by building backlinks to your Squidoo lens and then linking your Squidoo lens to your main website, the latter will get receive a powerful backlink.

This is why I always tell my students that using a backlink building service is alright provided that you don’t send the links directly to your main website.

Backlink Building Service Summary

However, the third party website which you’re developing still needs to provide good, original content. Building backlinks to crap content to try and make it rank high is like tricking the search engines. Not good and can get you de-listed.

Please allow me to repeat myself because this is important.

The quality of the content which you’re trying to rank for should be excellent and relevant. The backlink building service is a way to allow the search engines to notice your content and tell them that it’s worthy to be on the first page of the listings.

Quality always comes first.

When Google did its Panda update, a lot of article directories suffered. Worthless content got penalized and some article directories quickly changed their terms so that worthless content submitted to their directories could be eliminated or kept to a minimum.

This tells you that the end goal of the search engines is to deliver relevant, high quality content for users. If you do manage to rank low-value content high on the search engines, it is only time till the next search engine update that all your traffic will be wiped out.

Play safe and don’t be short-sighted.

If you’ve used any backlink building service or software and have gotten good results from it, let us know in the comments below.

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