Review of Article Marketing Strategies

I’ve received a lot of reviews for the book Article Marketing Strategies which you can download free at One of the reviews which really shocked me was by Willie Crawford. Yes he embarrassed me.

You can read what Willie thought of my latest ebook at his blog here

I never thought I would be called a Jedi and being compared with Claude Hopkins. I’m not worthy.

The traffic I got from Willie’s endorsement was powerful. Not to mention it was also targeted.

One of the things you can do to bring traffic to your website fast and furious is to write something that is free for everyone to download. Make sure that the content you create is the best! Put all your effort into it. All your secrets, tactics and things that you don’t want anyone to know. Just write them in the ebook.

Once people read your free content and they consider it excellent too, word will get around. This is viral traffic. It is definitely worth all the effort you put into writing the book.

Article Marketing Strategies took me a month and a half to write. It’s 50 pages long and I spent a lot of time proof reading it and asking for comments.

Next thing I did was to send Willie a copy and asked him for a review. Read the review and you can judge if my effort in writing that ebook was worth it.

Here’s another traffic tip before I wrap up today’s post. Always spend time to build relationships everyday. I don’t manage to do this myself but I will try. The relationship you build over time will help you when you need it later on. When I mean building relationships, I mean speak to your other peers as friends and help them out if needed. The more relationships you have, the more traffic you will get.

Today I will put out a press release regarding Article Marketing Strategies. I’ll put the updates on this blog on how it goes. If it does well (fingers crossed), I’ll post on what I did.

Speak to you tomorrow.


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