Choosing An Autoresponder

It never fails to amaze me why people don’t spend enough time to choose an autoresponder. Considering it is the most important tool of an online business, I called it stupidity.

The people I come across choose their autoresponders based on one criteria. The price.

If it’s cheap and gives them unlimited messages then it’s a done deal for them.

The question you’re thinking now is “So what autoresponder do you use, then?”.

Unlimited<br>  Autoresponders by AWeber

I use Aweber's Autoresponder 

My choice is based upon the following criterias:

1. They are used by successful interent marketers. They have the occassional hiccups here and then but overall they are very reliable and the owner knows a lot internet marketing, so they understand how we think.

2. They have extremely high delivery rates. A lot of ISPs nowadays, ban certain domains from sending emails. Aweber has a good relationship with the main ISPs and so your emails will not be considered spam and actually get delivered.This is a BIG main reason for choosing Aweber. If most of your emails don’t get delivered, your business is screwed. You could be making a lot more if the emails were actually delivered.

3. Aweber has all the functions needed for an Autoresponder. It can generate web forms to capture your email subscriptions, split testing, open rates, allow the subscriber to change email address, automatically drop from an email list if the subscriber signs up to a certain list, etc…Not sure if you have any complex requirements that Aweber doesn’t meet, but so far they have all the things I need.

4. They have free training for the members via videos and free teleseminars. This includes writing your email, split testing etc…

5. They have great customer support. Yup, they answer the phone and get back to your emails quick!

Unlimited<br>  Autoresponders by AWeber

The only thing which you may not like is that all your subscribers have to double optin. This means that less people will sign up to your list compared with a single optin. Although I personally prefer double optin due to the face that you have better subscribers who really want to be on your list.

However, to be fair you don’t need to purchase aweber if you are just starting out with using autoresponders. I would suggest you use a free service such as http://www.

Once you understand how to use an autoresponder, your business is growing and you see many people subscribing then switch to Aweber.

A word of warning – Aweber uses double optin even if you are importing genuine email leads to their system. Using this process, you may lose a lot of your original subscribers. Talk to Aweber’s customer service first if you are thinking of importing your leads.

A tip when using autoresponders – At the time of writing this post, I consider Aweber to be the best autoresponder service around. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll continue to be so in the next few years. So for all your communications do not mention your aweber address. Put your own domain address and forward it to Aweber. 

So if Aweber’s service goes downhill due to change of management for example, you can switch to another autoresponder easily by forwarding your domain address.

Click Here to purchase Aweber.

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