Make Money Online – How To Make People Buy From You

Make money online is a cruel industry. It’s so easy to get into and build your online business and hope to make money online. But after spending thousands of dollars on information, you still fail to make money online. What’s the problem?

First of all, ask yourself “Who do you buy from currently?”

Have a look at the information products you have bought, the membership site you’ve joined, the internet marketers’ information you regularly read and who’s advice you trust the most.

Once you have this list, you’ll find that the reasons these internet marketers make money online (well you bought from them right?) are because:

– You like reading their free stuff which is on the internet for everyone to study

– You’ve heard about their good reputation from forums and how people think they’re an authority and kick butt

– You found them ranked high search engines such as Google and will naturally think they’re an authority on your niche. Therefore you read their stuff and trust them.

– They have a great sales pages for their products. You read it and it seems to solve a lot of your problems and unknowns. Damn, you need to buy their product badly.

– Some other people you trust such as ezine owners, internet marketers, authority figures recommend their stuff. Well it must be good then and you’ll naturally start to notice the person and the products they produce. They’re definitely qualified to help you [tag-tec]make money online[/tag-tec]

– They’ve created a product that seems to solve your most pressing problems. The product is a system which you can follow easily and see the benefits in no time. How can you afford not to buy it?

OK…read the above list again and again. Now go and take action to make yourself become that trusted person and make money online. Not too difficult if you break things down.

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  1. It certainly takes a lot of endurance and hard work to make it. 🙂



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