Creating Information Products – A Goldmine?

Profits From Information Products

Profits From Information Products

Creating information products is one of the best ways to make money online. A lot of affiliate marketers may not agree with this, but let me explain.

When you try to sell a product on the internet, whether it’s a physical product, software or ebook, what is the major factor that will determine how many sales you’ll get?

The answer is not the product, not the sales letter and not the pretty graphics.

The deciding factor of how many sales you will get is web traffic. You need to targeted traffic to your web page that is advertising the product to generate sales. No matter how ground breaking your product is, without traffic, it’s nothing!

So what is the best way to get traffic?

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know that I’ve gone into detail with a lot of methods such as article marketing, directory submission, email marketing, solo ads, search engine optimization etc…

You can use any one of these techniques or if you have the time, you can use all of them. However, it takes time to build the traffic you need. Unless of course you have a lot of money to throw at pay per click.

The quickest way to get traffic to your website so that you can test how well your product will sell is by creating an information product.  Let me explain.

Once you create an information product of your own, get an affiliate program for it and start to market it to affiliates. You can do this by submitting your product to Clickbank or Paydotcom and then promote the hell out of it. The objective is to get as many affiliates as possible.

What I will do is to give the majority of the commissions to affiliates. Something like 70 or even 90%. What this does is motivate the affiliates. They will do their best to drive traffic to your product and earn a good commission.

With several of these affiliates promoting your product, you’ll get a shit load of traffic.

Remember that in Clickbank, if your product sells well, it will be ranked higher in their search results. This means that you will attract more affiliates.


Here’s the interesting part. Once you have a lot of customers and people who have signed onto your list as a subscriber due to the affiliate promotion which you’ve got, you can sell to them on the back end. Offer products which you’re an affiliate of and make some commissions. You now have a big enough list to make money with.

Next, you need to create another information product that is related to the first one you did. When the product is complete, you can now email all the customers and subscribers which you have collected from your previous promotion and then sell it to them. You don’t need to pay commissions anymore.

This product also needs an affiliate program. Your affiliates should be notified of your new product and then offer them high commissions again.

The cycle repeats itself. Your affiliates will send you more customers and more prospects and you will add them to your database of contacts. Release another product and sell to your list of contacts without paying commission. The more products you create, the more profits you’ll make.

To make this business work you need 3 things:

1. An excellent information product.
You can get your own information product created at who have a business in a box package that has everything you need to sell a product online.

2. Offer marketing tools
You need to provide as many marketing tools as possible to your affiliates to help them to promote your product. Give them examples of solo ads, banner ads, tweets and articles.

Affiliates are lazy so if you provide them the material, they are more likely to promote your products.

3. Maintaining relationships
You need to maintain a good relationship  with your affiliates, customers and subscribers. Offer them valuable content for free that will help them.

Contact them regularly to know that you exist.

Once you consistently do the above, it’s very hard for you not to make money online.