An Internet Marketing Interview With Willie Crawford

internet marketing interviewYesterday, I did an interview with Willie Crawford over Skype. This interview will be one of several interviews I’ll be doing which I’ll release as a physical product later this year.

It was quite funny during the interview because the first time I interviewed Willie was on Tuesday night and I had problems with my PC. I had to delay the interview for around 10 minutes.

I eventually solved the problem by rebooting my PC and re-installing the software. Strange that everything was working and tested the night before.

Then finally, our [tag-tec]internet marketing interview[/tag-tec] started. But 5 mins later, lo and behold, the office next door started to drill holes and decorate the office. I was well pissed.

The noise was unbearable and I had to cancel the call with Willie. It was embarrassing. I looked so unprofessional. But being my good mentor, Willie took it lightly and promised to be interviewed again which was yesterday.

Yes. The interview yesterday was smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Here’s a little history with Willie Crawford and myself. I’ve know Willie for roughly 4 years where I had him as my internet marketing mentor for my [tag-tec]online business[/tag-tec]. Let me just say that he taught me a lot and I always felt hyped up after speaking to him.

For the interview, I used Skype with PowerGammo. The latter, is a software which records Skype calls and it’s free. I checked the quality of the recording after the call and it was great.

Now all I need is to get it transcribed.

Here’s a lesson for those who want to do interviews over Skype. Make sure you check everything such as your PC half an hour before the interview starts and not just the previous day. PCs sometimes behave strangely overnight.

Also make sure you check with your next door neighbours if they’re drilling or not. Tell them that you’re doing an interview during a certain time slot and that you’ll box their ears if they make any noise.

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