Video Salesletter – A Marketing Tactic Worth Studying

videosalesletterVideo salesletters are one of the hottest things which internet marketers are using now.

Instead of the normal salesletter with the headline, graphics, bullet points, testimonials, order link and PS statements – we now just lie back with a cup of tea and watch a video that does all the selling.

You need to catch up with technology. More and more marketers are using videos to sell their products. No doubt the technique works.

The first time I saw a video salesletter being used was from John Reese. He had a $2.5K webinar program called Internet Marketing Advisor (IMA) which had nothing but video.

The next person I saw doing it was Mike Filsaime with HyperPlugins ( and now Keith Wellman with VIP AutoPilot Profits System.

The reason video salesletter works is because of the entertainment value. Hey me and you love to be entertained right? We prefer watching videos rather than reading right? That’s why so many people are called couch potatoes.

Here is the VIP Autopilot Profits System video salesletter by Keith Wellman.

I’m not in anyway endorsing this product because:

1. I’m not an affiliate

2. I haven’t seen and used the product.

But I have seen the video which is why I’m telling you to watch it. You will learn from it.

When watching, notice how Keith uses the video to sell. There are no fancy music background, no special effects or any high production stuff. Just some slides with a voice selling you the product.

Take note of how simple and easy in making this video salesletter.

Through the video he is taking you through a selling process.

1. Tells your problem

2. Gives you the dream

3. Explain the benefits of the product

4. Keeps you in suspense by not telling you the price

5. Provides scarcity and explains the benefits of the product

6. Gives himself proof and authority by telling others how many testimonials he’s received

7. Tells you that this product is for you.

8. Gives you the order link at the end of the video.

Go and see the video and takes notes as you’re watching it. Then go and create a video for yourself.

Now go and study the video.

PS. Also go and study the video salesletter by Mike Filsaime. The product is off the market, but the video is there for everyone to study.

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  1. This video is extremely effective. I watched it and plan to buy it the day after but when I came back, it gone forever.

    Very good approach and launching stragegies.


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