Time Saving Device Discovery From An IT Professional

timesavingWith my online [tag-tec]internet marketing[/tag-tec] business, I’m always quite busy throughout the day. I continuously find ways to automate my work, outsource if possible and find software or devices which will [tag-tec]save time[/tag-tec] with my tasks.

If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know that I used to be in the IT industry prior to working full time as an [tag-tec]internet marketer[/tag-tec]. However, that doesn’t mean I know everything about the latest IT devices. I’m saying this because I’ve stumbled across something which has saved me time and frustration.

Here’s the story.

I have my personal office which I share on the same floor with other people who have their own offices. About 10 rooms per floor. Sometimes I want to blast my music louder, or go on Skype to speak to my peers. So what do I do?

I’ll kneel down and go to the back of my PC, disconnect my speaker cables from the back, and then plug in my headset. After I’m finished, I will kneel down again, disconnect my headset cables from the back of my PC, plug in my speaker cables after looking for it for half a minute since I’ve got so many things hooked up at the back.

I can tell you it’s frustrating.

Well I told my frustration to a shop assistant in an computer mall here in Hong Kong. She said “Why don’t you get an adapter? You can connect your speakers and headset at the same time. Switch off your speakers when you don’t need them and put on your headsets when you’re ready to Skype.”

I was amazed. I asked how much it was, expecting to pay something like HK$200. It turned out to be HK$8. Which is about US$1 !!! I was floored, man.

Here is the device.


For those of you who know about this device, you’ll think “Damn man. I thought you were an IT person. You should know that.”

Well you should know that you cannot assume because a person has many years of experience in a particular industry, he will know everything. This is why a lot of people don’t do anything or create any good content.

The thoughts that will cross their minds are “Everyone knows that. It’s nothing new. If I know that so would everyone else.”

You can teach an expert new things. Don’t underestimate what you know. Some people are willing to pay for what you know. You’ll be surprised.

Hell, I don’t know the name of this device. I just call it my “audio adapter”. The number of minutes this US$1 has saved me will add up over the years. Damn, if only I had asked someone earlier.

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