Massive Traffic Through Viral Marketing

viral trafficOne of the most often overlooked methods for acquiring traffic to your website is through viral marketing.  This is a method that has been used for quite some time but it is often shrouded in mystery to some degree or another.

The fact of the matter is, it’s not all that difficult to understand and grasp the concepts behind viral marketing in order to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.  All that is really needed is an idea and for you to follow through on that idea.

If it works out, you would be surprised at the avalanche of traffic you will receive.  If it doesn’t work out, you need to try again until it does.

There are several different types of viral marketing that you can use but two of the most popular are video marketing and free downloadable products.  Either of these can create quite a buzz for your particular website if they’re done properly.  Let’s take a look at each of these types of viral marketing independently and see what they can do for our business.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very effective way of receiving viral traffic to your website.  The most important part about this type of marketing, however, is actually coming up with the concept for your video that people would be interested in.

If they’re not interested in what you’re offering, it’ll be very difficult for you to receive traffic that is viral in nature.  By putting up something that is either humorous, controversial or thought-provoking, you’ll be encouraging people to pass the video onto their friends naturally.

Include a link back to your website that is prominently displayed in the video and you would be surprised with the amount of traffic that you’ll receive from it. Start thinking of something humorous and controversial related to your niche in the next few days and create a video of it.

Freely Downloadable Products

The freely downloadable products, such as e-books, are one of the easiest ways to start a viral marketing campaign.  As long as these e-books are very focused on exactly what your niche is about, it’ll be easy to get people to download them.

Of course, you have to offer them for free in order to experience the full value of the viral process.  Once people download these products they’ll do one of several things if the information is good enough.

They’ll either pass it on to their friends and colleagues or they’ll tell people where to come download it for themselves.

If you have links in the e-book that are pointed at your website, you will receive a lot of traffic by using this popular method. This is what I’ve done with Article Marketing Strategies.


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