Making Money Through Google AdSense

make money onlineFrom time to time, something comes along that is relatively innovative as far as Internet marketing is concerned.  For many years, webmasters were stuck with a limited amount of things that they could do in order to monetize their website.

They were constantly trying to match up their visitors with pay per lead programs, affiliate programs and banner advertising. With the decline of banner advertising, however, there was a need for something new and innovative to take its place.  Google Adsense filled that need.

It is not difficult to find these Google ads on another webpage, there are literally hundreds of thousands of pages, if not more, that contain these particular ads.

There are a couple reasons why people like to use ads from Google in order to monetize their website.  The first reason is because they are easy to place on your website and they are self targeting once they are in position.

Another reason is because they work, especially if they are used in the proper way.  How can you make Google Adsense work on your website?

There have been people, from time to time, that were unhappy with the results that they got from Google advertising.  For the most part, these individuals were placing their ads in obscure locations on their website and were not doing much in order to optimize the page to receive the all-important click through.

If you are trying to make money with Google and are having a bit of a difficulty getting people to click, there are a few things that you can do in order to improve your numbers.

The first thing that you can do in order to improve the amount of clicks that you get from the Google Adsense program is to blend the ads into your website.

The default ad design has a blue border that is surrounding the ads and this border typically tips people off to the fact that it is actually an advertisement.  If you make the border and the background of the ad itself blend with your website, people will click on the ads more readily.

It also helps to use large ads that are above the fold of your page so that people do not need to scroll down in order to view them.  By doing just these few things to your Google ads on your pages, you would be surprised at how much your income will improve.

One of the experts in Adsense is Jimmy Chen who I’ve met on my Bali trip. His website is the Adsense King and I recommend you to check out his information. After all, he makes a living from it.


  1. Hey guys, thanks for the good read, I’ll look into it and let you know. I want to give this stuff a try too.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    I’ll find some time next week and check out Technorati Media. Thanks for the info. mate.

  3. If anyone is trying to do google adsense on their blog, or any kind of contextual advertising, I recommend that you guys pay some close attention to Technorati Media.

    Needless to say, almost every blogger knows about Technorati, and they’ve just launched into the contextual advertising market, just like google, but only Technorati is promoting social media especially.

    Just giving a heads up for bloggers.



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