Launch of Article Marketing Strategies

Article Marketing StrategiesArticle Marketing Strategies was launched on April 18th. My first free ebook in internet marketing.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of effort put in for launching a free ebook. Imagine what the big launches are like such as Product Launch Formula, Butterfly Marketing etc…

I’m lucky that I come from an IT background. It was my full time job before I worked full time as an internet marketer. When IT systems rollout, the end users expect to use it on the day of the launch. When everything goes according to plan, everyone will go ahead and do their work. Nothing special.

But if there are bugs and hiccups, then all hell breaks loose.

People will complain, shout and scream and tell their department heads who will make a big issue out of it. This is the sort of pressure I had to go through many times as the Head of IT in several companies.

With pressure, comes planning. For roll out of IT systems or product launches, there is so much planning needed to ensure everything is smooth on the day. You have to meet the deadline.

Without going into too much detail, one of the plans I did for the launch of Article Marketing Strategies was to prepare everything by April 14th.  This will give me a 4 day buffer incase things go wrong and for me to thoroughly test the workflow. I was still working on the launch till April 18th. Everything went smoothly.

Without the few days of buffer, I would have totally cocked up. This is why I urge you for any major deadlines you have for your business, have a few days buffer. I don’t know why but things never go as they are planned. I’m telling you from experience.

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