internet marketing strategies are crapInternet marketing strategies are HOT! There are new internet marketing products being released every day and there are no shortage of buyers. The market’s huge.

But the industry has a bad name. The owners of these internet marketing strategies are labeled scammers, liars and the products are often described as rehashed and full of crap.

Why is this?

If you’ve made some kind effort to make money online then you’ll probably have a hard drive full of products offering the latest internet marketing strategies.

Many people are addicted to buying internet marketing products because they promise you the dream. The goal of making money online while you enjoy life going to the beach, watching TV and going on exotic holidays.

For a newbie trying to make money online, the internet marketing strategies revealed in the ebooks, videos or audios, are exciting as hell.

The information gives you the confidence and motivation that you could actually earn a living on the internet and that you can see your Paypal account explode.

However, in time you’ll find that the products are all crap and that the secret internet marketing strategies are just repeated again and again with probably one minor difference.

But the internet marketing product was not worth buying for that ONE minor tip!

So after you’ve passed the newbie stage of being an internet marketer, you start to realize that the internet marketing strategies in almost every new product is nothing new.

They just repeat the same methods but in a different way.

For example…how do you build a list?

build an email list

You do so by:

1. Offering a free product that appeals to the masses

2. Creating a squeeze page

3. Integrating it with your auteresponder

4. Promote a product on your Thank You page

5. and build a relationship with your subscribers

How many internet marketing products do you see that offer this advice with one or two extra tips?

The same thing with product launches.

If you’re in the Internet marketing niche, then you’ve seen hundreds of product launches throughout the years.

Ask yourself, do you know how to launch a product? Do you know the processes?

A product launch is done by creating anticipation, launching a few videos over a short period of time to build your list and then launch it to the public with limited copies.

But you know that already because you’ve seen it in action…every day!

When you purchase the next internet marketing strategies course on product launches, you will scan the content and then quickly realize that you know the stuff already and that there’s nothing new.

The salesletter promised a lot of benefits but did not really deliver for you. Now you think it’s a bunch of cobblers.

There are 2 reasons why internet marketing products are getting a bad name:

1. Salesletter hype

salesletter hypeThere are some ass-holes out there who promote internet marketing strategies that they haven’t used or tested themselves.

In order to sell these products, they create a hyped up salesletter to lure the buyer.

When it comes to buying internet marketing products for your business, ask yourself… is this guy credible?

Are the testimonials from people who have a good reputation?

If you’re logical when buying internet marketing products, you’ll have less chance of buying crap.

For example, why are they selling information on how to make $500 a week for $9.97?

Would you purchase a Louis Vuitton wallet for $100 and still think it’s genuine?

Why should this be different with paying for internet marketing strategies?

2. Internet Marketing Strategies – Wrong Target

The most common reason why internet marketing products are nearly all re-hashed (and the lesson which I’m hoping you will learn with this post), is because…they are not targeted for you.

The easiest way to make money online in the Internet Marketing industry, is to teach newbies how to make money online.

If you find that nearly all internet marketing products you buy are generally repeating information that you know already, then you need…

A Wake Up Call!

wake up call

You already know enough internet marketing strategies to start making money online.

You need to stop buying products and start taking action.

Think about this…

What are the basic internet marketing strategies that is needed to make a living online?

Here’s a list of them:

1. List Building

2. Traffic Generation

3. Product Launch

4. Copywriting

5. Product Creation

6. Email marketing

These are the fundamental internet marketing strategies that you need to know to successfully make money online.

Once you have an understanding of the above, you should be implementing what you know and start earning money.

If you honestly understand the internet marketing strategies above and apply them, I don’t see anyway how you can fail to make money online.

So if you start to realize that most internet marketing products talk about things that you know already, then get off your butt and start implementing what you know.

get off your butt

You’re no longer a newbie. You have enough knowledge to start your online business, making a few errors along the way and start seeing the cash come flying in.

A lot of Internet marketing products are not crap. It’s just that…you’re looking for the magic bullet that doesn’t exist, and you’re addicted to buying products.

Internet Marketing Strategies – Your Next Step

Write a business plan for yourself, and start taking action in building your online business and sales funnel.

If you come across an obstacle, read the internet marketing strategies that you’ve bought already and see if you’ve missed any information.

Implementing information that you already know is the best way to learn. Hands down.

Once you have everything set up, you can find a successful Internet marketer to mentor you and take your business to the next level.

If you think the majority of internet marketing strategies are full of crap then it’s very likely that it’s because you’re full of knowledge.

Click here for list building tips.

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