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At the start of this year, I’ve been pestered by people many times on whether I’ve used social marketing. My answer was no, because I couldn’t see the benefit and it was something fashionable that wasn’t for internet marketers.

It was only until Willie Crawford started to pester me on whether I was working on social news sites, bookmarking, squidoo etc… that I started to suspect I was being unfashionable. I did not keep up with the internet marketing fashion.

Then John Reese started to invite people on his Facebook and Twitter. That did it for me.

I found one of the best membership sites to join for social marketing. Jack Humphrey’s Authority Site Center. After going through the training in the members’ area for a month, including setting up my new blog, understanding what social marketing is, etc… (there’s bloody tons to learn) and then actually applying the techniques… I was starting to increase web traffic in just 2 days after using the techniques.

It was an eye-opener for me. Good job I have an open mind. My problem in this case was, I didn’t have time to learn about social marketing. But now after going full-time this year, I finally got my chance.

I’ll be updating my progress on using the Authority Site Center and hope you’ll see the benefit of joining the membership site as well. It’s the best membership site I have joined. Yes, please quote me with that last sentence.

Jump on social marketing now. It’s the internet marketing fashion that you should embrace. I remember Bjorn Borg used to be the king of tennis. That guy dominated all his components. Then he went downhill.

One of the major reasons mentioned by his critics was that he did not use the new bigger, better tennis rackets which gave every other player an advantage. He did not keep up with fashion.

Internet Marketing is a fashion as well. Keep up with it. Otherwise your business will be out of service and not out of date.

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  1. Web 2 has revolutionised the marketing, we have seen many companies jump on the bandwagon of web 2, but too many are creating the same platform, one platform looks identical to other, if teh trend continues we may soon see social media losing its character for which it was created.



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