Internet Marketing Daily Tasks

Internet marketing businesses have daily tasks? I thought it was a set and forget system. That’s what auto pilot income means right. You’ve read it in most internet marketers’ books and sales letters.

That version of the [tag-tec]internet marketing[/tag-tec] story, sells.  The true version stinks. The truth is it requires work. If you spend the time on the work, it will pay you back later on.

I had a shower this morning and realized that I haven’t been to the gym for over a year now. Last year I promised to go every lunch time for half an hour. But till this day now, I haven’t been once.

If I had stuck to my own promise, and went for the past year, I’m sure I would have a leaner body by now.  I can start today or tomorrow, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s been a year wasted already.

Looking back, I could have spent that half an hour at the gym, no problem.

That’s the thing with everyone. We look back and say to ourself we could have done it, but for some reason we just didn’t do it at the time.

For today, ask yourself what internet marketing tasks can you do to improve your business. Let’s say that you really have no mood to do anything today and only have 10 minutes to spare. Pick one of the following to do:

– Go to someone’s blog and make a decent comment pointing back to your website

– Write an article for 10 mins. You can go back to it tomorrow. At least you started off writing a new article

– Go to several websites and ask if you can be a guest blogger. You can schedule your  guest post later on.

– Go to your old blog postings and see if you can make a comment to an external blog and do a trackback for it. Using TrackBoost is a good idea.

– Go to a forum and make one or more helpful postings.

– Read up on SEO and mark down anything you can use to improve your SEO

– Go to your PPC campaigns and change something to beat your control

– Browse on the internet for 10 mins and note down any ideas you have which you can use later on. eg. videos, articles, products etc…

The main point is, you can do something using just 10 mins of your time. These tasks add up in time. You’ll also make yourself feel better because you’ve worked on your business. Internet marketing has many daily tasks. It doesn’t mean you have to deal with all of them. Just do something today.

Sometimes after working for 10 mins, you’ll get in the mood for working and may continue for an extra hour. I’ve done this loads of time.


  1. Unfortunately, if you want to make it a business online, knowing all the internet marketing techniques is not enough to be successful and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ll make any sales. In fact, the “internet marketing” is just a small part of your business online.

    The vast majority of webmasters and online entrepreneurs don’t know or simply ignore the most important aspects of a business online: strategy and crucial processes, how to attract the right attention from the right prospects, etc.. Lots of traffic to your website isn’t making your site a success if the visitors are not interested in your content and 99% of the visitors will click that little “x” in the top right corner after a few seconds.

    If you do it right you don’t have to spend so much time on generating traffic…it will be done by others FOR you.

    Regards, A. Stoelinga

  2. This is so true. I should be a millionaire many times over based on what I know about SEO and marketing… but I’ve jumped on things, only to get distracted by so much. I’ve had so many ideas and plans — and most of them would have made me some stable, passive income… some a whole lot more. But, procrastination, distractions, etc get in the way, and before you know it — you’re a year or two older, and nothing to show for your plans and aspirations other than regret over the wasted opportunities.

    Live each day to its fullest, and don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

    RJs last blog post..First-time Dog Owner PLR Article Package



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