Google Releases Accurate Search Volume Data

Google has just released or should I say, added search volume data to its free keyword search tool.

Many internet marketers use keyword tools such as WordTracker to find out what the best keywords to use for their websites and for pay per click marketing.

The problem is the search volume is considered not accurate since Google, the biggest and most used search engine in the world, does not display its search volume statistics to anyone.

All that is now changed.

Google’s free keyword tool used to show colored bars representing the popularity of search terms. Now it actually has numbers for approximate search volume for the past month and on average.

For internet marketers who do keyword research, this change is huge. It will eliminate a lot of the guessing and now you can know quite confidently which keywords are getting typed for your niche.

If you are doing article marketing for instance, then this data is valuable for you to see which keywords you should concentrate on writing.

Take a look at Google’s keyword tool now and check up on the volume of searches your keywords.


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