Do You Market Your Best Content?

Online marketing requires a lot of work. We can spend all day writing articles, tuning our Adwords, social bookmarking, updating Squidoo lens, blogging, commenting on other blogs.

So does it make sense to continue in this sort of fashion? You’ll be exhausted at the end of every day and later on, you will burn yourself out.

One of the things I tend to do is blog and write articles daily. You cannot write excellent content every day and I’m sure you’ll agree with me on that.

What I tend to do is, write at least one masterpiece for the week. Only one.

For other days, I tend to comment on other people’s blogs or create short posts. Nothing major but enough to keep content churning out.

Then for my best content I will market it. Because I know it will provide value for anyone who reads it. This is why I spend about 2-3 days writing this masterpiece. About 15 mins each day working on it.

Once your masterpiece is done, you should go through your list of marketing tasks. These include:

– [tag-tec]Social bookmarking[/tag-tec] it

– submitting the content to various websites

– commenting on other [tag-tec]blogs[/tag-tec]

– notify your list

– blog about it

– update your [tag-tec]squidoo lens[/tag-tec] on it

– etc…

That is what you should do every week with just one piece of content. This will free up your time instead of marketing non-stop and really not having a goal of what to do. With your masterpiece, you should also have a goal of what it should achieve.

For me, it is to have people sign up for my newsletter and download my ebook Article Marketing Strategies. So make sure your masterpiece achieves whatever you want ie. building a list, advertising an affiliate program, etc..

Here is an example of one of my masterpieces which I’ve spent quite a lot of time on and marketed the hell out of it.

How To Make Money Online With Blogs

Needless to say, traffic was good for that particular post.

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