An Internet Marketer’s Typical Day

alan chengSome updates before I talk about An Internet Marketer’s Typical Day.

I have finished writing my ebook “Article Marketing Strategies” and it is free for download in about 8 hours time. You can download it from this blog by signing up to the newsletter.

I have also just published an article “List Building – How To Build A List From Scratch”. You can read the article here—How-to-Build-a-List-From-Scratch&id=1101123

I’ve just posted to blog about my typical day as an internet marketer. It consists of 2 parts. The first part is my typical day when I had a full time office job. The second part is my typical day as an internet marketer full time.

You can read the post here –>

That’s it for today. Remember to download the ebook ‘Article Marketing Strategies’ in 8 hours time at

Talk to you later.

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  1. Great information – I use article marketing as my primary list building strategy and I like what you have to say


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