A Checklist For Writing Emails

emailCopywriting is a skill which I think all online entrepreneurs should definitely have. Even if you outsource your writing to ghostwriters, you should alter them in some way that it’s in your voice. There is so much writing involved such as articles, emails, web content and blogs…you can’t rely 100% on your ghostwriters to get everything right.

One of the main things which you need to write by yourself are your emails. Whether you are teaching someone a new traffic model or recommending an affiliate program.

Here’s a checklist you can use before hitting that send button to your list.

1. Always write with the thought of how your product or service will BENEFIT the reader.
Eg. A fast car’s benefit is to beat others on the road and look cool.

2.Write as though you are talking to the reader. Use words such as “I’ll” instead of “We will”.

3. Always have in mind what your objective is when writing. If you’re selling an ebook on how to design websites, explain the advantages of having a good design and how it will convert visitors to buyers. Then tell the readers which book you recommend. Make sure you achieved your objective after finishing writing the email. This brings me to my next point…..

4. You need to ask for the sale. I’ve read some emails where I don’t know whether they want me to buy the product or take it as a FYI. Don’t be afraid and just ask for the sale.
eg. Click here to buy, Join my email list.

5. Never copy ads which are prepared for you and send them to your email list. A lot of affiliate programs have copies of ads which you can send to your list. Never just copy and paste. People have seen the same ads everywhere for the product. Their delete key is too convenient for them to use.

6. Always re-read your email or any copy which you have written. Take out those unprofessional grammar and spelling mistakes. You’re running a business here.

7. Make sure your copy is not boring. This is a serious mistake which happens often. People receive too many emails nowadays. Slight sense of boredom and they’ll delete you before reading to the end. Having headlines and sub-headlines make a copy less boring.

8. Limit your lines to 60 characters long. Create a new line so that the width of the copy is short. The copy is more pleasant to read in this format.

9. Never ever criticise other marketers for their style, personality or products. It’ll make yourself look unprofessional.

10. Make sure your emails get pass the email filters. No matter how good your copy is, if it gets treated as SPAM it’ll never get read.

Use this checklist before sending out your emails. You’ll benefit your subscribers and your busines.

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