outsource internet marketing tasksOutsourcing Internet marketing tasks is a must if you want to seriously grow your online business. Actually there’s more and more courses being released teaching you how to outsource your Internet marketing tasks.

The selling point is that you will pay some guy for peanuts to do all the work, while you lie back on the couch, sip a beer and watch TV.

But does that really happen in the real world?

Unfortunately the answer’s NO.

Outsourcing is not as straight forward as that. Which is why we hear about so many Internet marketers pulling their hair out and getting bald (alright, I made that one up).

The truth is, you need a strategy in place before you begin to outsource, otherwise you’ll lose a ton of money.

I know this first hand because I used to think I was smart and started to hire freelancers to do my work. I lost more money than I earned.

First of all, I didn’t really know what I wanted. And because of that, I kept changing my decisions.

Second of all, I gave a lot of the decision making to the freelancers. It sounds really stupid looking back now. But at the time, I thought I was doing the right thing!

Anyway, it’s a long story and I’ll probably share it with you in a future post. For today, I just want to give you some tips on how you should start outsourcing Internet marketing tasks.

Steps To Outsourcing Internet Marketing Tasks

1. List out what needs to be done

If you have a new project or wanting to expand your existing business, list out all the tasks that needs to be done and make sure it’s very detailed.

e.g. writing article, submitting to article directories, build backlinks, update Facebook page, post on forum, create squeeze page etc…

2. Tick off the tasks which can be outsourced

So how do you decide what tasks you should outsource? It’s easy… here’s a checklist:

- Any task which can be outsourced

- Tasks which you don’t like

- Tasks which you are not good at

- Tasks which does not make sense in doing yourself

For example, if I need graphics for a new web page, I will definitely outsource it. That’s because I don’t like designing stuff and doing it will take a lot of my time. So it’s not worth me messing about with it.

graphic designer

Let’s say that  I know how to use PhotoShop and can do the graphics – I will still outsource it. The reason is because other people will do a much better job than me.

So unless I’m a kick butt designer myself, I’ll leave that to the professionals.

Now let’s say that for my online business, I want to write 3 articles a day each containing 500 words. Most people can do that within 2 hours which includes thinking about the topic, keyword research, spell checking etc…

Should you outsource this Internet marketing task because you’re a good writer?

The answer is….”It Depends“.

I hate that kind of reply too but let me explain.

If you only have 2 hours a day to run your online business, then you should outsource writing articles. Otherwise who is going to think about new product ideas, creating products and building relationships with other people?

If you’re working on your online business full-time then you should also outsource your article writing because letting someone else do it will save you 2 hours of time. The point is…writing articles can be outsourced. There is no reason for you to do it by yourself.

OK…so when would you NOT OUTSOURCE your article writing?

When you are not making money online AND when you have the ability to do the task yourself.

Don’t outsource Internet marketing tasks just for the sheer hell of it. Think if it’s needed or not and if you are in the position to outsource.

Hopefully the examples above can help you decide what tasks you need to free yourself from.

3. Documentation

Once you have a list of Internet marketing tasks you can outsource, for each one write a document on how the task should be done. If needed, use videos as well. You can do this by using Camtasia to record yourself doing the job.

This is very important if you want the job to be done properly. That means having the freelancers meeting your high expectations!

With these documents give them to your outsource who will then know exactly what you want and how you want it.

For example, if I want to set up a blog, I require a lot of plugins installed, the permalink structure to be changed, an API key for Akismet, All In One SEO plugin configured properly etc…

When the freelancer goes through the documentation, they can go through your steps and can perform the task the way YOU WANT!

Summary – Outsourcing Internet Marketing Tasks

So the quick guide to outsourcing Internet Marketing Tasks involves:

- List out what needs to be done

- List out what you can outsource

- Document your outsourcing tasks

That’s how you outsource in a nutshell. The above tips will give you a good start. I’ll expand on this more in future..

In the next post, I’ll talk about how to choose and hire your freelancer. Stay tuned!


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